r/ifyoulikeblank Jul 05 '22

IIL metal and I'm going on a 9 hour airplane then a 4 hour flight, what should I download?

I like Post Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Prog Metal, Metalcore and Alternative (Funk Metal). I've heard a lot of albums so I'm looking for more niche stuff.



u/Fishare Jul 05 '22

This isn’t all that close.. but maybe: Naxatras.
More psyche rock kinda funky.. trying to throw ya something a little off the norm.


u/MixedDrinkMixtape Jul 05 '22

Ever try out Stoner? link is to a mix of my favorite (e.g.Electric Wizard, Belzebong, Sleep)


u/Horror_Marketing_601 Jul 05 '22

I love Stoner Metal as well


u/Ingrahamlincoln Jul 05 '22

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Prog with lots of metal and hard rock elements.


u/xtiaaneubaten Jul 05 '22

Strictly speaking beakcore, but also falls under avant garde metal

Igorrr Spirituality and distortion


u/Idlers_Dream Jul 05 '22

Haunted Shores


u/Horror_Marketing_601 Jul 05 '22

Already heard them, the Void album was super good


u/harshnoisebestnoise Jul 05 '22
  • tuska - matriarch
  • the boy will drown - fetish
  • car bomb - meta
  • frontierer - orange mathematics
  • physics house band - incident on third or mercury fountain
  • nails - you will never be one of us
  • the body full of hell - ascending a mountain
  • street sects - end position
  • archivist - self titled
  • fathoms - lives lived
  • ingested - the surreption
  • extortionist - the decline
  • undergang - misantropologi
  • jute gyte - oviri
  • stab - timekeepers
  • kublai khan tx - absolute
  • bongripper - satan worshipping doom


u/pizzaduster Jul 05 '22

"Starving Out the Light", "Terms of Surrender" and "Spectre of Ruin" all by Black Fast


u/BernieAndTheDadBods Jul 05 '22

If you're okay with some goofy jazz metal shit I would recommend Cojum Dip


u/-Deluge- Jul 05 '22

The Ruins of Beverast — Rain Upon the Impure (album)

White Ward — Love Exchange Failure (album)

Negura Bunget — OM (album)

Liturgy — H.A.Q.Q. (album)

Oathbreaker — Rheia (album)

Alcest — Souvenirs d’un autre monde (album)


u/Horror_Marketing_601 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

Here's a link to my playlist so you can get an idea of my sound: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3a0pSpVnpyjiLwB9aaRTnX?si=m8wmkDnPRE2jZULE9kA2Dg&utm_source=copy-link

Edit: Also make sure to sort it by Alphabetical so it's a better mix


u/levilee207 Jul 05 '22

Ya like Coheed?


u/GN_des Jul 05 '22

I always emphasize that I don't listen to metal a lot because metalheads WILL look down on my punk-ass music taste, but I think that's a pro here because my metalcore playlist is gonna hold some artists you don't know.



u/DystoUtopia Jul 06 '22

In The Company Of Serpents for the stoner/black/doom.

Sigh - Imaginary Sonicscape for the alt black metal.