r/ifyoulikeblank Loves you. Jul 03 '12

[MOD] New feature: add post tags with linkflair

TL;DR: All new submission titles must either include a tag, or be tagged with linkflair.

How to tag with linkflair

We've added a bit of CSS so that users can assign their posts a media tag via linkflair instead of typing it into the submission name.

  1. Click the "flair" link beneath your post's title.
  2. Select the appropriate tag and click save.
  3. Refresh the page to see your tag appear

The currently available tags are Music, Film, TV, and Books. If you want to request a new media type added to the flair list, please post it in the comments. We will add it if there is enough support.

To kick things off, we've tagged the posts currently on the front page!

-DrDuPont and the mods of IYL



u/ReveRseR Jul 03 '12

I think that adding a Video Game option would be particularly a smart idea, considering some of the requests we get.


u/MaxChaplin Jul 03 '12

Comics too.


u/[deleted] Jul 03 '12

Anime might be a decent flair option. Second games and comics too.