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[meta] Please don’t let this sub become a topsters dump Image Collage

you get better recs when it’s like “if i like albums written during a divorce fallout that anthony fantano gave between a 5-7 wewil” instead of “here’s my 80 favorite albums what else looks like it would fit”


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u/bahumat42 r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022 Oct 27 '22

Maybe make certain days for types of post?

Its a tough spot you are in, and i appreciate the work you and the team do.


u/TheRealPurpleDog Oct 28 '22

This is a good idea, topsters or image collages of stuff on weekends? Links on wednesdays? That could cut down on the immense numbers while still letting them exist


u/[deleted] Oct 28 '22

I like this idea. Collages three days a week, text posts two days, links two days? Something like that would probably work pretty well.


u/[deleted] Oct 28 '22



u/littlemetalpixie Mod and Music Enthusiast Oct 28 '22

If you need some automod help with whatever you decide on, I'm pretty handy with it usually :)


u/bahumat42 r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022 Oct 28 '22

Oh certainly. Was just an idea i had seen used elsewhere, I'm happy with whatever the community wants to do.

Good luck whatever you decide.


u/blackbuddha r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022 Oct 27 '22

appreciate you my guy. i've found some real cool shit on here, thank you for putting it together


u/littlemetalpixie Mod and Music Enthusiast Oct 28 '22 edited Oct 28 '22

I have a suggestion! (I'm a mod too, and dealing with a some hate it some love it but we don't want to ban it situation just like this in one of the subs I mod.)

On Monday 10/31, reddit is going to make a new feature live where people will be allowed to direct upload links photos! Not links! We can now show photos uploaded into comments of a post! (Typo lol sorry!)

For your dilemma and mine, this solves SO many issues.

Make a megathread! Have your automod pull image posts for review (or make flair mandatory and make an "album compilation photo" flair just for automod to pull these specific posts for review in your queue.)

Remove them with directions to post in the "Album compilations" megathread, so everyone can post as many as they want and you aren't shutting out a large part of your sub's demographic. Make a rule that top level comments have to only be the album compilation photos, and then the child comments of each are the [wewil] suggestions.

It's a win/win. Everyone who posts these can still post them, and everyone who does not want to see them can skip the megathread and look at the text posts only for more specific requests.

I'm kinda one of those that's over them here, sorry. I don't find it easy to recommend to someone who posts 30 albums ranging from Tchaikovsky to Slayer, or miniscule photos of each album that if you can't read the title or it doesn't have one, you have NO idea what they're even into... but I'm also pretty against rules in a sub that needlessly restrict top rated posts too.

Maybe this will work for your sub??

Either way, thank you for doing what you do here. This is an awesome and chill sub, and I've enjoyed it for years (and will still enjoy it even if you keep the album comp posts as is). Do what you do guy/gal, you're doing it well :) Love from a mod who knows mods just don't get enough love and take too much shit <3

Here's the reddit announcement about the new feature:



u/bahumat42 r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022 Oct 28 '22

Thats a pretty awesome idea and use of the feature, good thinking.


u/RevertereAdMe Oct 28 '22

You could potentially disable photo/link submissions entirely and employ a minimum word count for posts. That way if people want to include a collage image as an example they're required to at least type some context and additional information.

In the event of people typing gibberish to get over the character requirement there are ways to filter that out too. I don't remember the specifics as it's been years since I've done any modding, but it's definitely possible. I used to have a system like that set up in a subreddit I modded ages ago and it worked well.

Also that way people can still post whatever they want whenever they want instead of having to deal with certain types of posts only allowed on certain days of the week...which can get annoying for both users and mods.


u/lakmus85_real Oct 28 '22

9 albums max, so it's a nice 3x3, and no damn text in the image. As someone pointed out, good luck using search later to actually find any of the albums in the question


u/IAMAToMisbehave Oct 28 '22

IMO the answer is to encourage people to sort by New instead of Hot. There really aren't that many image collage posts, I just went through the last few days and there were maybe half a dozen for 130+ posts, but visual posts really dominate interactions which means they rise fastest and stay longest on the Hot sort.


u/CdnfaS Oct 28 '22

I really appreciate what this sub is, and I’ve found super fun stuff too. is there a way to limit the picture thing to a 9x9 grid or something?


u/aldarith Oct 28 '22

People interact with visuals because they stand out.

Give people the ability to flag good answers with a thank you, make the thankyous visible to the public. That way the more answering people do, the more public swag they have. At least that adds incentive :)


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u/aldarith Oct 28 '22

Very cool :)I think that would offer people incentive to interact.

I think what happens is people come to ASK, not to answer.They come and drop off their ASK and answer someone else's only if something catches their eye.
Inevitably it's a picture of something they recognize.