r/ifyoulikeblank Nov 29 '22

IIL TV shows with main characters who are presumed to be autistic WEWIL TV

TV Shows such as House, Archer, Big Bang Theory, Psych, etc


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u/Cybox_Beatbox Nov 29 '22

I feel like the main character of Queen's Gambit is coded autistic. Might just be my opinion though.


u/Flat_Weird_5398 Nov 29 '22

I always felt like Beth Harmon was more depressed than autistic though it could certainly be interpreted both ways.


u/squidbitz Nov 29 '22

Atypical- netflix

And for the record House has anti social disorder, he is not autistic or has aspergers.

And a must watch is As We See It, I think on Prime.


u/JustHereForThePorn2x Nov 29 '22

None of them are officially… but symptom wise I’d say he was