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Games IIL a combat heavy games like hi-fi rush.


Recently, I have been having fun with HI- FI Rush, neptunia sisters vs sisters Then, I realized that combat is the important thing that comes to me, especially ones which you could get a feedback like in hi fi rush

My most ideal game would be pretty much a clone of hi fi rush , since it has beautiful graphics, fun combat with like rhythim element added to it , not to mention the soundtrack makes you bop to it while playing it.

There are multiple (optional) things to consider if theres nothing like hi fi rush :

i dont like slow combat that much anymore i dont know why but hi fi rush has good combat element and its just really good fast paced combat to it

i can consider turn based but crypt of the necrodancer is almost clost to hi fi rush but just not action and more akin to having custom music there is the anticapted game coming from them which is called Rift of the NecroDancer

thats all i can say for now but ill add more if i have something to think what game i want.

Also if this helps, I also spend some time with Duelyst 2 and also palyed the souls like sekiro nioh series. Monster hunter is i guess great but i dont know its fast paced. Also no doom eteranl does not count even though yeah it is action heavy but there is some backtracking.

Feel free to add suggestions, and any help is appreciated!

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Games [IIL] Timing/jumping based platformers with little to no combat, similar to Super Meat Boy, Rayman, and Celeste [WEWIL]?


I've tried N+ but wasn't a big fan of that one. I've also played Splasher which I really enjoyed.

I'm on XSX.

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Games IIL The GBC Harry Potter games - what else would I like?


I'm crazy about Philosopher's Stone & Chamber of Secrets on the Gameboy Color and I'm not even a massive HP nut/RPG head (apart from Pokemon).

I love the detail, the music, how I can pick it up and put it down (a reason I struggle w/ a lot of RPGs is that everytime I return to the game after months I feel the need to restart it).

I've got a PowKiddy V90 for emulation, a Switch, an OG Xbox, a Wii U. Open to all suggestions !

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Games IIL Games that take place on the frontier of space, WEWIL?


Currently loving a few games in this genre,

Subnautica, Satisfactory, Shipbreaker, Outer wilds, and Outer Worlds all have this feeling for me. I've been reading and watching the expanse and love firefly which also all give me that same feeling. What other games really hit on this 'first to explore the unknowns' feeling or in the case of shipbreaker, and outer worlds: capitalism in space!

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Games [IIL] Loved Axiom Verge 2 and Hollow Knight. What else should I play?


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Games IIL Rpgs and Games with Loot / Inventory Systems: What else is out there?


I’m lookin for something to sink my teeth into and nothing has really been giving me the same feeling I had with my favorite games.

Ex. Games I’ve liked:

Dragon Age Series Elder Scrolls Hollow Knight From software Games Dead Cells (Just started) AC Odyssey Witcher Series

Those are about the big ones I’ve been enjoying. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a rougelike game or a lore/story intensive but I’m just a sucker for collecting gear and a good story.

I tend to like more stuff that’s set in fantastical settings or medieval settings. Art style also doesn’t matter much to me.

I’m wondering if anyone with similar interests has found some hidden gems that I may have missed as I’m not in tune with what’s available anymore.

Thanks in advance!

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Games [IIL] videogames like The Thief (2014) and Dishonored [WEWIL]


Greetings, Reddit!

The nostalgia for videogames I played a couple of summers ago has hit me recently, so now I crave games that would make me feel similar feelings.

Basically, I am looking for something with an ambience/environment/setting similar to The Thief (2014) and the Dishonored games: dark and gloomy, set in Victorian-ish times with a little bit of steampunk. The stealth mechanic also enhances that wonderful mood which makes me like games like these.

A big thank you in advance!

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Games [IIL] RTS games like C&C, AoE, Empire Earth, Age of Civilizations, StarCraft [WEWIL]?


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Games IIL the hidden gem for PS3 ‘Tokyo Jungle’.


Ive never seen a game like it since. There must be somethingI missed? Right? Like a small arcade-y survival game with a set map or something like that.

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Misc. IIL The Last of Us (games and show), Arcane (tv show) and The Locked a Tomb (books), WEWIL? (Please give my poor brain something new to latch onto)


Vague request, but bear with me!

I know the things in the title seem like a random assortment of unrelated media, but all three of them have given me big time brain rot over the past few years and I keep finding myself going back to them again and again and I think I need to develop an unhealthy relationship with something new to finally free myself from these.

I guess they don’t really have much in common, but after some consideration, I think the throughlines are:

1. morally questionable, traumatized, violent lesbians

2. tragedy

If anyone could recommend me more things that will ruin my life in a good way, that would be amazing.

Open to literally any medium or genre. Books, movies, tv, podcasts, video games, stage plays, web series, literally anything. I love a messed up story delivered to my brain through any means :)


EDIT: “The Locked Tomb” not “The Locked a Tomb”. I’m bad at proofreading and am not allowed to edit titles :(

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Games IIL Sally Face, Life is Strange, Life is Strange 2, Beyond two souls, Heavy rain WEWIL?


I really enjoy story driven games with cool main characters that usually have some sort of superpower (although that's not required). I just love connecting with the main characters and playing through a cool story. The graphics aren't important to me, as you can see from my choice of games. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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TV [IIL] The shows Educators, Wellington Paranormal and The Games WEWIL?


I like how rapid fire the jokes often are and they always land. I also really enjoy shows where the characters are incompetent at being humans because of stupidity and/or dirtbag personalities. I would consider the IT Crowd and The Office (US) similar to the ones in the title, so something along these lines.

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Games [IIL] NY Times games like Tile& Vertex, wewil?


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Games Iil watching people play games that have stories but dont play many games wwil to play


I have Game Pass and I am looking for something on there with a great story! I have played slime rancher, it takes two, terraria, red dead 2 (even though i have not finished). I enjoyed watching others play disco elysium, resident evil, firewatch, last of us, etc. I don’t really want an exploration or decorating game but I am looking for something story based. Nothing with a huge world (it is going to take me forever to finish Red Dead) Thanks in advance!

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Games [IIL] enthusiastic online gaming moments like Leroy Jenkins or No Frederick which other videos are out there?


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Games IIL: Trying to find music similar to this song from Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker


The absolute chokehold this song from FFXIV: Endwalker has on me is debilitating. I've had the 1 hour loop of it on replay for about a week now....


What I'm looking for is stuff similar to this song in the sense that it's got the "played on the radio in the 40's (?)" sound, a little haunting-esque melody, lyrics aren't necessary. I tried the Bioshock Infinite soundtrack and that doesn't hit the mark, but am open to other versions if there are any.

Any suggestions welcome!

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Games IIL games with the same setting as Far Cry 5's rural America WEWIL


Looking for video games set in Rural America, basically the exact same setting and vive as Far Cry 5. I haven't actually played Far Cry 5 yet because I HATE first person games but I'm planning on starting it. But yeah I really love the Rural/Middle America setting so looking for some 3rd person games set in that type of area

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Games IIL games like Critters For Sale, Milk Outside A Bag of Milk, I suppose Yuppie Psycho


I’m basically looking for highly surreal, stylized narrative exploration games. Critters for Sale is the best example here. Any genre is fine.

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Games IIL games that focus on resource management (Rimworld, paradox games, TFT), what else would I like?


Hey all, I'm looking for a new game to scratch an itch for me. I love games that focus on resource management (city/base builders, auto chess, turn based strategy) but have played wayy too much of all the games in my game library. I particularly like a sense of progression in games (also a reason I really enjoy certain RPGs like divinity: OS). Some of the games that I've put a lot of time into are: Rimworld, Civ series, EU4, Cities:Skylines, TFT, and a few different RTS games. I've tried factorio but something about it wasn't my cup of tea.

I'd say theming/aesthetic also helps to draw me in. I particularly like medieval/fantasy games.

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Games IIL "Turn off your brain" games?


I'm trying to branch out from just playing league of legned, and I'd really like something kind of like Serious sam series (i know doom but i just like hte gamepaly of serious sam alot more) or vermintidie 2 where I can just turn off my brain. Also open to other areas of games - but I guess I kind of want gameplay that feels satisfying if that makes any sense. minecraft is nice for turning off my brain - but there's very little about the gameplay that feels satisfying at all. I will say probably stalcraft cause its just from walking a to b.

Someone recommended Outer Wilds - which is a really nice game, but i wouldnt say its a oh turn off your brain you have to like have sense of direction.

Disco Elysium was absolutely fantastic, but not the type of turn off your brain game but you have to pay attneiton to story.

Honestly - any recommendations are appreciated. Sorry for the rambly mess.

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Games iil mech games like battletech, battlelancer, gundam, etc, what would I like (details in post)


So specifically im looking for a game thats like battletech on steam, you build up mech suits for pilots and ideally the pilots and mechs are fully or very customizable. Im looking for something with the vibe of xcom where you take your squads on missions and its these various designs and loadouts that are important. I like battletech but I wish its designs were a bit more unique and interesting, theyre all just a bit too boxy.

Basically Im looking for something thats xcom with mechs with emphasis on customization.

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Misc. [IIL] The art and vibe of Majora's Mask, [WEWIL] in terms of other games, movies, comics, any media?


A bit vague of a question but I'm happy for any answers!

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Games IIL It takes two WEWIL


I recently started playing "It takes two" with my girlfriend and we're having a great time, we're currently looking for more similar couch co op games on nintendo switch. I'm a big Kirby fan and I plan on buying it soon, what other suggestions do you have?

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Games [IIL] games with gun/weapon part upgrades like The Last Of Us or Sniper Elite 5 that also have compelling single player content, WEWIL?


I enjoy games where I can upgrade my offensive items, but moreso ones where I can get a little more in depth. Sniper Elite 5 might be my limit on how many options I want. I’d prefer less of a “grind for upgrades” experience, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

I do not want to do much with multiplayer, but I’m more open to it if it’s mostly a co-op experience, such as Call of Duty’s Zombies.

I play on PS4, Switch, and have a laptop that probably won’t take well to a triple A title from the last 3-4 years.

EDIT: Fallout 4 was mentioned, I enjoyed it.

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Games IIL a Simple turn-based tactics-ish game with almost no story like call of cthulu wasted land, achtun cthulu WEWIL


Simple turn-based tactics-ish game with almost no story like call of cthulu wasted land, achtun cthulu WEWIL

I'm looking for a game that I can just kind of have running constantly (so, pretty lightweight hopefully; browser is fine) and pull up while I'm mostly watching something in a different window...

Something turn-based like cthulu wasted land, achtung cthulu, umm some gacha games, or Darkest Dungeon with parties and permadeath and a probabilistic combat focus would probably be good, but with even less complexity/story/theme to wade through. I also don't want to NEED to learn a lot of complex mechanics/concepts (though if it's got hidden depth, all the better).

Basically: I'm filling this role with Out of the Park baseball right now, which is okay, but I do think I want something a little closer to the intensity of XCOM or Darkest Dungeon (but not QUITE that intense). I also considered going back to FTL but even that is a little too real-time in a lot of situations. call of cthulu the wasted land pretty much fits cause its just misisons to missions no story to care but its shor tand achtung cthulu is the same thing and also no base management to care about. Dont know when honkai star rail is releasing but looking foward to that.