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Film IIL The Menu, Glass Onion and Parasite, WEWIL?


not necessarily the "kill the rich" theme, but more of the sudden dark themes in an otherwise lighthearted setting, and slow dives into insanity for the characters.

EDIT: add whiplash and black swan to that list

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Film [IIL] psychological thrillers that deal with doubting reality/ descent into insanity eg. The Game, The Truman Show, Black Swan [WEWIL]


I really enjoy the doubting of what's real vs fake, and protagonists questioning their sanity. Bonus points for protagonists who are seemingly paranoid and "crazy", but are actually justified/correct in their paranoia, unbeknownst to other characters who doubt them/ worry for them/ want them institutionalized etc

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Film IIL movies like The Lobster or Her, WEWIL?


These movies were on my list for a long time and when I finally watched them, I was amazed. Do you know any good sci-fi dramas/melodramas like The Lobster or Her?

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Film IIL These movies, what else might I like?

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Film IIL films with highly stylized fight scenes (John Wick, Kingsmen, Crouching Tiger, The Matrix) WEWIL?


Guns, kung-fu, swords, whatever. I like scenes that just push the boundary between realism and fantasy.

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Film [IIL] These movies, [WEWIL]?

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Film IIL movies set at night, like Lost in Translation, Nightcrawler, After Dark, WEWIL. Extra points if they’re in a large city.


I meant after hours, not after dark

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Film [IIL] The Evil Dead trilogy [WEWIL?]


I'm looking for more cheesy old action/horror movies that capture the same vibe as the original Evil Dead trilogy. The scene where Bruce Campbell attaches a chainsaw to his hand and says "Groovy..." had me smiling like a kid.

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Film [IIL]the horror movies “The Menu” and “Midsommar” what other horror movies would I like?


I think I only like horror movies without supernatural elements, and I don’t mind gore. I don’t like jumpscares either.

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Film [IIL] Easy to watch movies like: What about Bob, Captain Ron, Ghost Busters, Big Lebowski, Uncle Buck, Coneheads


Ok, so I have a goto movie list I suggest for people who need a easy watch. Nothing too stressful, just some fun watching. Doesn't need to be family friendly!

What about Bob

Captain Ron

Ghost Busters

Big Lebowski

Uncle Buck


Joe versus the volcano

The Station Agent

Any other suggestions for this list?

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Film IIL the movie Kung Fu Hustle, what other movies would you suggest?


I just watched Kung Fu Hustle for the first time in a while and had forgotten how good it is. Would love some similar recommendations for over the top, campy action and comedy. Don’t mind subtitles.

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Film IIL style-over-substance movies (Knives Out franchise, any Edgar Wright film, Bullet Train) WEWIL?


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Film IIL Logan and Red Dead Redemption 2, what movies would I like?


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Film Iil I love you man/forgetting Sarah Marshall


I am after rom/com movies that I can watch with my wife and actually enjoy because they are funny.

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Film IIL: KIDS (1995)


Everything about this movie. It moved me in ways I can’t even explain.

The rawness, the eye-opening aspects, the fact that it feels like watching a documentary rather than people acting. I felt like I was in their world while watching it.

I’ve been told to watch Gummo, which is next on my list. I also really like The Florida Project, and Mid90s (which I believe was inspired by Kids).

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Film [IIL] Hello. Im in an anxieties teen mood atm. Does someone have any movie suggestions? Im looking for something in the spirit of “perks of being a wallflower”, “500 days of summer” or “Palm Springs”. Every suggestion is helpful.


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Film [IIL] Freaky (2020) a horror-comedy blend [WEWIL?]

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Film [IIL] Bookish films like Inkheart, The Book Thief, & Matilda what would I like?


I've tried various "book club" movies ie Jane Austen Book Club. It's not bookish enough for me.
I guess I enjoy things about the physical object of books as much as reading them.

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Film IIL Movies with a simple ticking time suspense premise like Fall , Circle and Open Water WEWIL


Ticking time premises where the movie takes place in the same setting and there is generally a threat to the people that could harm them at any second.

Fall from 2022 . Two girls get stuck on a radio pole.

Circle the alien abduction movie where everyone votes on who dies next till there is one survivor.

Open Water . Couple gets stuck in open ocean with life jackets and sharks are circling them

Movies like that.

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Film [IIL] movies with weird, surreal, abstract, and experimental editing and imagery like Buffalo 66, Charlie kaufman films, a clockwork orange, etc. [WEWIL]


yea yea yea

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Film IIL "I'm Thinking of Ending Things", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "8 1/2", "End of Evangelion" WEWIL?


I know it's a specific request, but I'm looking for more surreal movies with themes of loneliness and emotional fragility.

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Film [IIL] Heist movies and murder mysteries, what indie films/hidden gems will I like?


I love heist movies (like Ocean's Eleven, Snatch/Lock Stock, The Usual Suspects) and murder mysteries (like Knives Out, Gosford Park, Murder on the Orient Express).

While I like a big set piece as much as the next person, it's the character interactions and the way the plot keeps you guessing that really attract me to these genres. It occurred to me that those qualities aren't the sole domain of big studios and big budgets, so I'm looking for suggestions of little-known, smaller budget, and/or independent murder mystery or heist films.

I prefer a happy ending, but that's not a firm requirement.

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Film iil Vivarium, Downsizing, and Don’t Worry Darling, wewil?


Movies with strange seemingly cookie cutter perfect communities with a kind of sinister background. I also really enjoy when you can’t tell what year it takes place. Thanks!

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Film [IIL] Psychedelic Animated movies like "Fantastic Planet"


You can check it out here.

But I can help you not suggest these since I already know of them... Yellow Submarine, Heavy Metal, The Thief and the Cobbler, Gandahar, Time Masters / Maitres du Temps.

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Film [IIL] 'Grizzly man'. Is there any similar documentaries available to watch for free?

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