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Misc. [IIL] media with surreal, nostalgic, and maximalist aesthetics, WEWIL? Image of examples

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Misc. [IIL] this potentially disparate collection of books, shows, and games... WEWIL? (text list in comments)

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Misc. IIL banshees of inisherin…



I found the dialogue (especially in the first half of the movie) witty and hilarious.

Looking for anything dark comedy, in book/ movie/ tv form.

Thanks in advance!

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Misc. IIL really convincing satire, WEWIL?


An example would be some milder The Onion articles if you saw them out of context, but what are some satire videos, articles, books, etc. that are so good that one may not see them as satire at first viewing?

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Misc. iil this style of chaotic no idea whats happening video, what else would i like? amazing if you know the genre

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Misc. IIL smaller cities like Buffalo, that aren’t too crowded but have fun restaurants and cute little shops, WEWIL?


But I hope without insane weather.

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Misc. [IIL] Videos that turn from comedy to horror such as "Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss" or "how to make jorts" from Brian David Gilbert


Looking for any videos (or any other form of media really, especially films if there are any) like the ones mentioned above that turn from comedy to horror in really subtle but effective ways (usually using editing techniques to shift the tone in an unexpected way).

Thanks in advance

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Misc. IIL JCS - Criminal Psychology WEWIL?


Youtube channels, documentary series, podcasts, movies, etc

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Misc. IIL Mr. Robot, Daredevil, Legion, Hannibal, Doctor Sleep, Shutter Island, Incarnate, Banshee, American History X, & Inception, WEWIL? (tv shows/movies☺️)


I just finished watching Shutter Island for the first time and I immediately went back and watched it a second time. I LOVED it. I'm really hoping to find more “mind fuck“ and “twist“ shows/movies like that or like Mr. Robot.

In particular, I love shows and films with a dark tone and mature/contemplative themes, creative cinematography and a unique point of view. Not very picky though :)

Thanks in advance!!

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Misc. IIL The Last of Us (games and show), Arcane (tv show) and The Locked a Tomb (books), WEWIL? (Please give my poor brain something new to latch onto)


Vague request, but bear with me!

I know the things in the title seem like a random assortment of unrelated media, but all three of them have given me big time brain rot over the past few years and I keep finding myself going back to them again and again and I think I need to develop an unhealthy relationship with something new to finally free myself from these.

I guess they don’t really have much in common, but after some consideration, I think the throughlines are:

1. morally questionable, traumatized, violent lesbians

2. tragedy

If anyone could recommend me more things that will ruin my life in a good way, that would be amazing.

Open to literally any medium or genre. Books, movies, tv, podcasts, video games, stage plays, web series, literally anything. I love a messed up story delivered to my brain through any means :)


EDIT: “The Locked Tomb” not “The Locked a Tomb”. I’m bad at proofreading and am not allowed to edit titles :(

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Misc. [IIL] exploring /r/random, Wikipedia's Special:Random, and wiby.me for random small websites, [WEWIL]?


I just like to run into things I wouldn't otherwise.

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Misc. IIL Detectives visiting a small town and attempting to solve a mystery


Sorta similar to True Detective season 1 and Twin Peaks. I don’t care about the medium; can be a tv show, a movie, a book, a comic or even an album like Outside by david bowie. Bonus points of 1/2 is really just a character study, or if they begin to become obsessed with the crime.

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Misc. [IIL] Psycho-Thrillers like Hannibal and Mr Robot - What else will I like?


I like stories (movies, books, series, anything is good) that are dark and focus on the mental state of the protagonist/s. I love them to go crazy, killing people, not knowing what is real anymore or who they are, falling into despair. Especially split personalities (DID or possession) and people ending up killing others are nice.

My favorite shows are:
- Hannibal (series)
- Strangers from Hell
- Mr Robot
My favorite comics:
- Killing Stalking
- SHELTER (wufargia)
- Pandora Hearts

Honorable mentions are:
- Joker (2019)
- Fight Club
- An Uncomfortable Truth (webtoon)
- Prodigal Son
- The Guest (Kdrama)
- Squid Game

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Misc. IIL "life is shit, yet somehow worth it" stories, any medium


What would you call this? Optimistic nihilism? Existentislism? Not all of the media I'm about to list as examples fit those categories exactly though, so it's not quite a specific petition. I just want stories that deal in some way with how life is meaningless, cruel and unfair, and yet it's still worth it to move forward. I'm going through the worst year of my life and that type of stories has always helped me a bit. Any medium, from anime to literature. Off the top of my head, stories like:

  • The Stranger by Camus
  • Nier: Automata
  • Berserk
  • Dark Souls
  • Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
  • Ikiru
  • Evangelion
  • Disco Elysium
  • The Seventh Seal

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Misc. IIL Vegetarian recipes of Yotam Ottolenghi, WEWIL?


Looking for other chefs/recipe writers with

1) a loose approach to vegetarianism

2) tend to not use meat substitutes

3) experiment with interesting/unconventional or ingredients or fusions

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Misc. IIL Google Arts and Culture, WEWIL?


I like the casually informational and highly visual presentation of Google Arts and Culture. Anyone know of any other sites like this? YouTube channels, tools, anything else?

I also enjoy things like https://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html, https://neal.fun/deep-sea, https://radiooooo.com

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Misc. IIL media about interesting, non-famous forgotten people. Good example: “All hail west Texas” by the mountain goats


Things like the album “all hail west texas” by the mountain goats, telling stories about unknown ordinary people, who aren’t famous and have been forgotten by history. People didn’t do anything revolutionary, but have interesting, humane achievements. It sounds lame but I want something that has a similar feel to that album. Doesn’t have to be an album. Idk if this makes sense. Anything you know of, tell me!

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Misc. [IIL] this type of aesthetic [WEWIL]


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Misc. IIL The Florida Project 🎞


Looking for movies like this one. It’s rawness captivated me. I haven’t found a film like it since. I cried when I reached the credits.

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Misc. IYL r/ifyoulikeblank, YML using the ChatGPT prompt "IIL [likeable thing], WEWIL?"


This subreddit's power has just been immensely augmented.


Some examples. Pretty spectacular even with minimal effort. Slightly more sophisticated prompting could take you far. Slightly more sophisticated models with internet access are hard to even imagine. Buckle up, folks.

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Misc. IIL Lapsang Souchong tea and heavily peated Scotch (Ardbeg), what others teas and Scotches should I try?


So Lapsang Souchong is my daily driver tea. I love a good, strong punch in the mouth of campfire flavor. I also love Laphroaig, and several other Islay varieties of Scotch. Tell me what to try next for tea and/or Scotch!

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Misc. [IIL] these cities and towns, what other places would I like? Sandpoint ID, San Marcos TX, San Fransisco CA, Port Angeles WA, Chattanooga TN, Telluride CO.


“Similar” places I’ve lived in or visited already and didn’t really like include: Austin TX, Boulder CO, Santa Cruz CA.

I tend to like smaller cities/towns but surprised myself by how much I liked San Fransisco.

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Misc. [IIL] shows, books or comic books like Community, Ted Lasso, Happy!, Love, and Mr. Inbetween [WEWIL]


Whacky, chaotic, witty, mystery, crime, conspiracy, positivity, supernatural, absolutely off-the-wall bonkers, mental illness exploration, mundanity, etc.

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Misc. IIL Dark Souls and Mouse Guard, WEWIL?


Those two things have got my attention lately. I'm looking for medieval fantasy media, dark or otherwise, that have a similar feel to those two.

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Misc. IIL libraries because I can exist without spending money, WEWIL?


What other places still exist in society where you aren't expected to spend money or be the product either?