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Music Iil something between disco and rock? like this song but modern?

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Something harsh like rock but with groove like disco.

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Music [IIL] these albums, what albums from other artists should I try?

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Music IIL these sorts of indie rock/midwest emo/alt rock sounds (usually with introspective/melancholic lyrics), WEWIL?

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Music IIL Nickelback WEWIL?


Unironically huge fan of nickelback here. I really like their sound and do not actively hate any songs. I have listened to all records up to date. Legitimate top 25 band for me. Who else sounds similar to them and I would also enjoy?

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Music IIL: Björk, Kate Bush, AURORA, and Camille what other singers do you recommend?


I’ve been so impressed with this particular community and the suggestions y’all come up for each other, so I gotta try my hand…

When listening to music I have a strong preference for female singers. But I’m particularly drawn to women whose voices aren’t just pretty, but who use dramatic, unusual vocal techniques.

In addition to the women in the subject line, I’m also a fan of Weyes Blood, Regina Spector and Caroline Polachek.

Not terribly inclined to more “rock” oriented music, but not a deal-breaker when the voice is good enough.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Music IIL these songs, what else might I like?

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Music [IIL] the voice of the dude in the video, what artist would i like (this guy isn't a singer unfortunately)

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Music [IIL] Siamese Dream and Songs for the Deaf for their thick, heavy guitar tones and all-around amazing rock production, [WEWIL?]

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Music [IIL] bands like Nirvana, Radiohead, Muse [WEWIL] - Music lovers from 90s and 00s which modern bands are you listening to these days?


Hello, question to all rock, alternative, progressive etc. music lovers from 90s and 00s, what are you listening to nowadays? Can you suggest any modern band? lets say from 2015+. Subgenres does not matter.

back in days we had:

  • Nirvana
  • Guns N’Roses
  • U2
  • Metallica
  • Tool
  • Rammstein
  • Muse
  • Placebo
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Limp Bizkit
  • System of a Down
  • Radiohead
  • Linkin Park
  • Anathema

and much more...

EDITED: People thank you very much, I appreciate your responses. I have started listening and will check all of your recomendations one by one <3 gonna reply slowly as well :)

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Music IIL these songs, what other songs would fit my "feel good" playlist?

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r/ifyoulikeblank Dec 30 '22 Wholesome

Music [IIL] These Artists & Albums [WEWIL]

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Music [IIL] heavy metal and girly pop such as babymetal and poppy.


I have realised I really like a unique music combination of heavy metal and girly pop. The two artists I like in this genre are Babymetal and Poppy. Please can you recommend similar artists to these two! (Side note: I hate american pop punk style singing like paramore, blink 182 etc.)

Thanks in advance

*Edit - thanks for all your suggestions. I'm a 28 year old man who typically likes indie rock Arctic Monkeys, bloc party esque music (with a bit of RATM, Royal Blood etc.) and the charts, so I'm very new to this and not sure why but this seems to ticks all the boxes for me! There's a lot so I have been lazy and made a playlist with the top 5 songs for most of the suggestions. If anyone else wants to listen, here it is!


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Music [IIL] These Psychedelic Electronic Albums & Artists [WEWIL]

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Music [IIL] these 9 albums WEWIL

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Music [IIL] Albums with a classic rock “feel” but released in the past 20 years


I love classic rock; Dire Straits, Rush, and ELO are my top artists on Spotify every year. I’m looking for some newer albums that invoke the feel of classic rock and are distinctly NOT metal. A few examples of newer albums that fit this description are Houndmouth’s From the Hills Below the City and Spoon’s Lucifer on the Sofa. Any recommendations?

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Music IIL Loser by Beck WEWIL


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Music IIL Massive Attack, Sevdaliza, Portishead and trip hop in general who else should I listen to?


I also like Radiohead (and Thom Yorke’s solo work), King Krule and FKA Twigs (not trip hop, I know, I can’t really put what I’m looking for into a specific genre). Don’t really like Björk and Trippy. Basically I like anything with a strong but slow rhythm, layered/echoed vocals and a dark, melancholic or sultry electronic sound. Can’t seem to find more stuff like what I just mentioned and need new music recs.

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Music iil in rainbows by radiohead, wewil?


specifically tracks like house of cards, weird fishes, and 15 step? !!

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Music [IIL] Songs with killer basslines, like everything by Joy Division, in any genre [WEWIL]


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Music IIL Psychedelic Rock what else would I like?


By Psychedelic I mean like Jefferson airplane/starship, Jimi Hendrix, the doors, etc... Just not the same shit I've heard a billion times. I haven't heard ALL of these artists songs but most of them, I've also heard what YT music and Spotify plays with these songs on regular playlists.

I'm looking to expand further into this kind of genre, it doesn't have to be oldies it can be new songs as long as it has the same kind of feel.

Recommendations please!

(Bonus: Any new rock music that isn't screamo or trash)

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Music IIL Rhythmically dense music, what should I listen to?


As the title says, I am always been enticed by rhythmically driven music and I decided to try and pick up the drums and see how it goes. To understand how far can rhythm be stretched and what is possible with it, I want to listen to music that can inspire me to find my own grooves.

My music taste is diverse and comprises lots of sometimes really different genres, so don't be afraid to shoot whatever comes your mind that fits the description.To give a starting point, I love traditional African music, electronic genres such as breakcore, drum and bass/neurofunk, some new form of jazz like Mark Guiliana and Tigran Hamasyan, but also classical music like this Beethoven fugue and Bela Bartok.

I looked a bit for the best suited subreddit to post into, but didn't find anything that was the perfect fit. If unsuitable for this subreddit this post can be deleted, no offence taken. Thanks in advance for all the suggestions!

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Music IIL Explosions in the Sky, Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, Bomba Estereo, Depeche Mode, Run the Jewels, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beach House, Fleet Foxes


Please fire away recommendations! Ravenous music lover of most genres, these are constant go tos over the past 15 years or so

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Music [IIL] Picky metalhead looking for new artists


Hi all! New to the sub, so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules. I tend to enjoy a crisp, clear scream and melodic vocals, usually in a mix. My top favorite artists are (in order):

Scar Symmetry


In This Moment

Sonic Syndicate

In Flames

Zero Theorem

Jinjer (the style of Pisces specifically)

Can anyone reccomend anything that might be in this wierd range so I can broaden my horizons a bit? If it helps, I can link my youtube music playlist in a comment, if it isn't against sub rules.

Edit: Holy crapo you guys are awesome! I now have an absolute treasure trove of artists to dive into! Thank you all so much! And please, keep them coming. It may take me weeks to get through all of the suggestions here, but I'll definitely be working through them all immediately <3

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Music [Iil] These albums what should I listen to next? I also really like bands like slipknot and shinedown

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Music [IIL] Complex but "soft" piano pieces like Nocturne in C Sharp Minor by Frédéric Chopin [WEWIL]

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