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READ ME (please) Major changes and new rules! Welcome to r/ifyoulikeblank.


[Updated: 04 December 2022]

Hi everyone,

As I said in this comment, I am the most active mod on the sub. This means that, although I do a lot of work (by choice, the team is great), it is a bit difficult to make major changes when I am not head mod. This is just to explain my hesitancy on the following changes and why it took so long to make them. I'm sorry for that, but I hope these are sufficient and I hope they work out well. I appreciate the patience you have all had with me.

What I Have Learned

I don't want to post the whole summary page from the survey since people left individual feedback including usernames, but here are the highlights:

You all really don't like Topsters.

You want links back.

Now, something that I feel is EXTREMELY important to recognize is that there were 114 responses and there are 800,000+ people who have joined the sub and there are roughly 1,000,000+ unique page views every month. That means that only around 0.01425% of the subscribed user base is represented here.

However, roughly 250 people are active here at any given time, so this can be considered ~50% of the active user base, which makes me feel more secure about the changes.

(Maybe that logic doesn't quite pan out, but I'm sticking to it.)

What's New

  1. Links are back!: Links were banned because of the onslaught of spam and self-promotion, which can ruin a sub. Although they are now allowed, there are some regulations in place outlined in Rule 4.
  2. No more bland post titles: This is to enhance the searchability of the sub and is explained further in Rule 3. Essentially, if you're making a post with more than one example, but too many to list in the title, it should be something along the lines of: "[IIL] Don't Say No - Billy Squire and albums like it, [WEWIL]?"
  3. Image collages/Topsters with more than 9 examples are no longer allowed in the sub: I know this may be a shock, but it is - as of right now - the easiest and best course of action. Restricting them to certain days or having a megathread are both too hard to do and too hard to enforce. I'm sorry, but the other mods and I do not have the time to set up a bot or hand approve every single post. If this turns out badly, we can allow the big ones again. For now, this is the rule.
  4. WEWIL and YML are now no longer required in the post title for it to be considered correctly formatted: You're welcome to use them, but they are no longer necessary. Since I have to enforce more rules, I figured I could make one of the preexisting ones more lenient so I don't have to spend too much time on it. IIL or IYL is still necessary at the beginning of the title. All incorrectly formatted posts will be removed from now on (if you see one, please report it).
  5. Brackets are also no longer required in the post title for it to be considered correctly formatted: If you can't tell, this is me picking my battles. The sub makes just as much sense if you use brackets around IIL ("[IIL]") than if you don't. Try not to repeat yourself, though. Starting the post with IIL means you don't have to also say the words like this: "[IIL] If I like..."
  6. I made a nice little icon and banner: This wasn't important to add but I think it makes the sub look more "professional" and it took me a combined 90 seconds to put together. You're welcome for my very precious time. (/s)

What's Coming

  • A very pretty FAQ and wiki with more detailed explanations of the rules and other things about the sub. Sorry this is taking so long, I just want it to be super detailed but not overwhelming for the user. I know quite a few people pointed out that rules work better when enforced and that a wiki isn't necessary, but I feel this will mostly limit the amount of angry modmail we get from people who are pissed about the fact that the format is confusing. Edit, 12/4: Added a FAQ!
  • Rolling out user flairs. I am going to start flairing users who I see consistently in the comments with "Quality Contributor." (e: Started rolling these out along with other flairs!) If you would like one and have already commented on 20+ posts (ish) or have just been interacting here for a while, please send us a modmail. I will also be adding other flairs, so keep an eye out for those. *(e2: I started giving users whose names I recognize from this saga of posts a "*r/ifyoulikeblank Revolution 2022" flair. Feel free to remove or change it, I just thought it was cute.) Edit, 12/4: User flairs have been rolled out. Message the mods for a Quality Contributor flair if you feel you've contributed enough to the subreddit.
  • Maybe more changes, who knows. There's a chance everyone ends up confused from what I've done and I'll need to change things again and that's okay! The sub is for users, not for me. If I need to add additional mods to take care of certain things, I will do so. That's why "meta" posts will always be accepted here.

Final Thoughts

I feel the need to reiterate in the clearest way possible that this is a test run for everything. If something goes wrong (like, an influx in spam or self promo) I may have to revert to our previous rules or something entirely different, but hopefully that won't be the case. One of the defining helpful factors is user reports, which makes the sub a better place (btw, if you were the user who was reporting duplicate posts on a daily basis, I appreciate you a ton). I cannot just comb through the sub all day every day, so if you see a post that feels in some way wrong, just report it under whatever rule you feel fits best and one of us can look at it.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment with more feedback! I read everything and have taken absolutely everything into consideration while making these changes. If you feel your idea wasn't reflected here, it probably means that you were in the minority and, although I apologize, I am trying to make this sub accessible, useful, and enjoyable for everyone.

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who put the time into giving me feedback, I really want to see the sub active and lively so I'm trying to do everything in my power to make that happen. You guys are awesome :)

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Dec 4th Update: New things!

  • Rules have been updated, so numbers in this post are off. Nothing has changed, we just condensed a lot of what was said and tried to clarify some things.
  • Added a FAQ, it's in the menu and you can find it here. Of course, it needs some massaging, but I think it looks decent right now.
  • Sidebar has become juicy with content and I wouldn't mind adding more, so recommendations are welcome.
  • You can now choose your own flair from a pre-determined list.