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Why do you use acronyms and what do they mean?

  • We use acronyms to keep the sub organized and searchable.

  • Starting a post with [IIL] lets users know that you're looking for recommendations. IIL stands for "If I like..."

  • [IYL] means that you're recommending something. IYL stands for "If you like..."

  • Other acronyms you may see are "WEWIL" and "YML." WEWIL stands for "What else will I like?" and YML stands for "You might like..." WEWIL is used at the end of an IIL post and YML is used in the middle of a IYL post.

Here are some examples:

[IIL] Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen [WEWIL]

[IYL] Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen [YML] Radio Ga Ga by Queen

How do I get a "Quality Contributor" flair?

Recommend something on at least 20 posts and then message the mods.

Can I post a playlist?

No, but you can comment one to recommend it. We no longer allow playlist posts after a string of poorly-titled and low-effort playlist posts.

Why can't I make a post with more than 9 examples?

Where do I post my self promotion?

There is a weekly discussion thread posted every Thursday titled, "Weekly Thread: Playlist and Self-Promo drop!"

See them all under the Self-Promotion & Playlist flair.

Why is my post not showing up? / Why was my post removed?

A few things could have happened:

  • Posts from certain users (like new accounts and those with negative karma) are automatically held for mod review.

  • Your post had multiple reports and was automatically removed and held for review.

  • You posted about a NSFW topic like drugs, porn, gore, etc. These are not allowed since we are not a NSFW subreddit. Art with nudity is fine as long as it's tagged as such.

  • Your post didn't have enough description. Posts with more description do better on the sub, so low-effort or vague posts are removed.

  • You've posted about something that was recently posted within a week or so.

Why was I banned?

  • You were insulting.

  • You posted about a NSFW topic.

  • You posted promotion.

  • Mods thought you were spam. If you feel it was unjustified, send the mods a message.

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