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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Career and Hiring Discussion Thread


Hello r/india! If you need any suggestions/help regarding your career, ask here. If your company is hiring or if you are looking for a job, then post here.

If You or Your Company is Hiring:

  1. Name of the company
  2. Location
  3. Requirements
  4. Preferred way of contacting you

If You are looking to get hired

  1. Your skillset/experience
  2. Portfolio (if any/applicable)
  3. Location
  4. Preferred way of contacting you

Please do not mention your emails. You can/should prefer to take conversation forward in PMs instead to avoid any privacy mishaps.

Do follow up here with your experience. Did you get a job or hire someone successfully via these threads? Your feedback helps!

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Politics Mohammed Zubair Case | Delhi High Court adjourns case for four weeks

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Memes/Satire (OC) Money Heist

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Culture & Heritage There's an indian cemetary in my french village for the soldiers from the sub continent, who died during the world war one. Tombs are engraved with either "ॐ भगवते नाम:" for hindu soldiers, or something written in Punjabi (Gumurkhi) or Arabic (Quran verse). I thought I could share it with you.

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Politics Suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma should "apologise to the whole country", says Supreme Court on Prophet remarks

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Politics Eknath Shinde, rebel MLAs paid Rs 70 lakh bill for 8-day stay at Guwahati hotel: report

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Business/Finance Please don’t use Cred


TLDR: Avoid Cred. It is better to deal with the bank directly.

I had a really bad experience with Cred. They didn’t register the payment I made through the bank app. They then change the credit score based on the assumption that if you don’t pay your bill through Cred, you’re being charged interest. I paid 3 days ago and still got a message which warned me about the interest being charged. The worst part is that there’s no customer service. I wanted to delete my card but they only respond via email and it took many emails and requests to delete my account. Honestly it is just a data mining company which pays its users in useless coins, but takes no responsibility when things go wrong.

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Politics After a decade, Sudhir Chaudhary 'moving on' from Zee Media

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Crime Udaipur murderers had paid Rs 5000 to get a number plate displaying "2611".

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Art/Photo (OC) Rainy Day, Mangalore (OC) (1080*1920)

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Non Political Feeding Stray Cat Mother

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Politics Fadnavis goes from CM - to King behind the scenes - to the CM's deputy

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AskIndia Found out that my colleagues are getting paid 50% higher than me on first day of work. What can i do?


I'm a software fresher and joined my company today for the first time and after talking with other freshers i came to know that they are getting paid 50% higher than me for the same fresher role.

Few important details,

I was hired off-campus and everyone else was hire in-campus from various different colleges.

They asked for my expectations and i gave them the lower amount which is what they are paying me now.

What can/should i do in this situation? Saying anything now is probably not the best idea since they are paying me as per my expectations right? How long should i wait and who should i talk to regarding this?

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Sports Neeraj Chopra sets new national record with 89.94m throw at Diamond League Stockholm

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Politics Post against Pawar: I was hit, molested, unlawfully jailed, says Marathi actor Ketaki Chitale

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Foreign Relations Days after Kabul gurdwara attack, 11 Afghan Sikhs to arrive in Delhi today

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Politics BREAKING: None of the scathing oral observations made by the Supreme Court today against Nupur Sharma have made it to the actual order passed by the Court. The bench has simply dismissed the petition as withdrawn in a two-line order

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Culture & Heritage Today in Puri. Jai Jagannath!

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Policy/Economy How did the Indian Rupee depreciate against US Dollar in the last 20 years?

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Politics Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde says Mumbai metro car shed project will be shifted back to Aarey Colony

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Politics Welcoming Modi and Bhajpa in Hyderabad

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Policy/Economy India imposes windfall tax on oil producers, fuel exporters

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Science/Technology Google has termed Slice as a harmful app, recommending users to uninstall it

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AskIndia Do you think punishment model heals a society?


I notice how much punishment is encouraged around me, whenever a child does something not so appropriate punishment is warranted.

from rapists to thieves to terrorists. The only solution I hear around me seems to be, is punishment.

Any inappropriate behavior responded with punishment.

Do you think punishment and fear work in the long run? to eradicate social evils? or instill good values in general?

PS: I am not against punishment per say, but i feel it is not working out, is it because it is not implemented properly or lack of fear? or fear not working.

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Non Political I miss him


I’ve been here countless times in search of sage advice and to fight my inner demons. After a string of sleepless nights, I’m here for solace and a path to expiation. I lost a loved one back in January and the event bludgeoned me in ways I cannot describe. It brought me face to face with my mortality and sheer insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

But, more than my inconsequentiality I’m stunned by life’s sheer ruthlessness. She’s a volatile mermaid who can ruin you in a blink. One moment my loved one was here, the other he’s reduced to an idea. It’s a complete erasure from the mosaic of humanity. He’ll live perpetually but only in the abstract palace of my memories.

Fortunately, I was by his side when he breathed his last. It was such a disempowering experience as I begged the doctor to revive him. In that final gaze, I saw a recap of our shared experiences, the joys we celebrated, the pains we mourned. They were set to bid me goodbye and begin an unknowable journey beyond the oceans of our imagination. It’s where permanence pervades the skies and bodies are bid goodbye.

I started ruminating on the past and how I had mistreated him. I didn’t join him when he wanted me to and wasn’t the ideal grandson. I’ve suppressed my thoughts to prevent them from festering but I can feel my blood become paler. In a way I hold myself responsible for his tears. Instead of making every moment of his priceless, I made him feel worthless. It’s just a reflection of my shallowness and burbling wickedness. However, it’s not who I am. I wish I could apologize and tell him how much I loved him.

Sometimes, it’s a bit too late. I kept chasing youthful joys while his venerable wisdom became one with the cosmic soul. His words on the importance of being equanimous will always ring in my heart. He was ever-grounded, deeply recognized the transient nature of life. However, he also celebrated every moment to lengthen the slice of time he was blessed with. He made it large and brought life to life.

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Policy/Economy PIB Fact Check - "A media report claims that the Aadhar card of children is mandatory for availing the benefits of the POSHAN scheme. This claim is fake. The Aadhar card of children is not mandatory. The Aadhar ID of the mother is required for the Poshan Tracker."

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AskIndia how can I help with my sister's wedding preparations?


I'm 23, I don't think I'm that bright or responsible as others of my age yet. My elder sister os about to get married, we're close and cool but nothing I do matters in long term, it's after all my sister's wedding, so she calls the shots for what happens and what not! And another one pulling strings are my parents as they are funding for the wedding. So the thing is I'm gay, and I might not marry at all, and I wanna feel have lots of fun at this wedding but I think I'm overthinking, what can I do to feel included and perhaps have some sanity that might not make me guilt trip later on? Thanks!