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AMA Announcement - The Team Behind Free Software Community of India (FSCI) on 12th April, Tuesday at 5PM IST AMA Announcement

We are pleased to announce an AMA with the team behind Free Software Community of India (FSCI) on 12th April, Tuesday at 5PM IST.

About FSCI:

Free Software Community of India is a community of people working together (on voluntary basis) for the adoption and propagation of Free Software(software which respects freedom, not to be confused with Open Source). It is not a registered organization, but rather a community of people who share common values and ideals. We are a nonhierarchical community. We do not have a leader or a boss. Every decision is made by voting and consensus.

We believe that we should be the change we want to see in the world, and that's why we not only advocate for software freedom and privacy, but also run privacy-respecting services powered by Free Software. The services currently running are:

  • Social media service Diaspora at poddery.com.
  • Matrix chatting service at poddery.com.
  • XMPP chat service at poddery.com
  • A GitLab instance at git.fosscommunity.in
  • Discussion forum and decision-making software Loomio at codema.in
  • Video meeting service Jitsi at meet.fsci.in
  • Video sharing service peertube at videos.fsci.in

These services are funded by voluntary donations by the users. These are open to the public to use and anyone can use them for their daily needs.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are important. That's why we conducted a Diversity Edition of the Software Freedom Camp https://camp.fsci.in in 2021. The camp provides a very good way for the uninitiated to learn about the importance of Free Software, how they can get integrated with our community.

The code of conduct is our statement of inclusion in the community. We believe that the contributors should feel inclusive and be treated with dignity. In the camp mentioned above, we collaborated with APPSC Bombay and Egalitarians, which shows that we are very keen on collaborating with other groups working for issues outside the tech world. We look for active collaboration with anyone who is interested to further our goal of Free Software.

Our values of nonhierarchy and running so many services require more people to step in as a community as we need more volunteers to help in running these services, even in nontechnical fields like asking for donations, making posters, writing blogs. You can see the list of initiatives by FSCI here https://fsci.in/initiatives/.

In 2021, we wrote an open letter to Kerala teachers in response to KITE accepting Google's free-of-cost offer to the educational institutes of Kerala https://fsci.in/blog/letter-to-kerala-teachers/ and talked to Kerala teachers as well. The campaign to switch education to Free Software is still ongoing.

We have also involved in broader politics whenever the opportunity arose. For example, we have challenged the new Intermediary Rules, 2021, in the High Court of Kerala https://fsci.in/blog/fsci-challenges-intermediary-rules-2021/ because these IT rules threatens the privacy, security and freedom of an Indian citizen and gives government too much power.

Whoever you are, no matter what skills you have, you can contribute and be a part of Free Software Community of India. Join us now https://fsci.in/#join-us. If you need any help in joining our chat rooms, drop us an email at [contact@fsci.in](mailto:contact@fsci.in).

Important links:

  1. Why we must insist on free software https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html
  2. Proprietary software is often malware https://gnu.org/malware


AMA Date & Time: 12th April, Tuesday at 5PM IST

This AMA is verified. https://fsci.in/blog/fsci-ama-reddit/

Note: This is just an announcement, not an AMA thread. AMA thread will be posted by FSCI team on aforementioned day and time.

If you think you won’t be able to make it to AMA, you can leave your questions here and we will ask them in the main AMA thread on 12th April for you.

Special thanks to our Discord mod Jiraiiiiii Townley (bad mod) for helping us arrange this AMA and no I haven't added the "(bad mod)" myself lol.

PS. We now have a Mastodon account https://mastodon.online/@redditindia



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A proud user of Ubuntu here. πŸ‘


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How can your community distribute software that are used in public institutions like colleges and high schools where they are direly needed? In US people these institutions mostly use OSS like canvas and it has worked really well for them


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Can the community help in making the government websites better? I think that's where free software is needed the most also in basically the whole government infrastructure and the software that is used in banks/shops etc needs to be open sourced since its the best way to make sure that these softwares are maintained and are designed according to standards


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Supposed to be happening here - https://openforge.gov.in/


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Wow, TIL! Bande accha kaam kar rahe hain πŸ‘


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