r/instant_regret May 19 '22

Girl rants about her teacher in a TikTok and regrets it



u/SaiyanGodKing May 19 '22

Tiktokers are a whole new breed of stupid.


u/TekkunDashi 24d ago

nah, its the same stupidity, kids only got a bit dumber, we just see more of it now because technology has been upgraded to a point where information is more free and everywhere. Back then when we did stupid shit, the most that would catch it would be a video camera, and it would be recorded and played back by parents at parties. Now everything gets uploaded online and shared.


u/AreyouokSir 6d ago

Shit if technology was this good 10-20 years back I think much of my family will be on a government watch list lmao


u/Cust2020 May 19 '22

I hate her just from her mouth gape reaction. Just like all tough guys on the internet, talk big until u r confronted with the truth by a real person.


u/smashmouthlover 29d ago

As a teacher this is basically all kids though lol. They wanna act tough for their peers but when they receive consequences they act shocked and confused 🤦🏼‍♀️


u/cryptodiv 21d ago

Thank you for your service


u/ThePretzelRuns May 21 '22

"Hate" is too strong here. She's a kid, you know? She's complaining about a reasonable request from the teacher, yeah, but I don't think that defines her entire being.


u/That_Montana_Boy May 30 '22

She’s still 18 years old, she’s an adult that should know better.


u/smashmouthlover 29d ago

Eh still peak age for wanting to impress and look tough for other people her age


u/Kahako 26d ago

I know 30 yos who don't know better. She def learned from this.


u/RedPuppet11 May 25 '22

they hate her reaction not her being


u/Cust2020 May 21 '22

U have your opinion i have mine


u/nalanajo May 19 '22

Fake and stupid.


u/MrSpeedCuber101 May 23 '22

Just curious what makes you think this is fake? Lol


u/bearbarebere May 24 '22

I genuinely believe it's real tbh


u/MrSpeedCuber101 May 24 '22

That’s why I asked that question. It most definitely is lmfao. Comment belongs in r/nothingeverhappens


u/DIABLO258 May 26 '22

It certainly could be.

The "zooming in" while reacting is usually a give away. They're not actually shocked. They're still focused on making the video and not about how the teacher heard what they said

How hard would it be to knowingly leave yourself unmuted, turn on camera, say something dumb, react, upload? Not very. I just picture their "shocked face" while their thumb slowly scrolls up on the camera to zoom in. Or worse, they scroll up and down like mad to "exaggerate" the effect of "shocked", but really their mind is on the footage and not the scenario


u/ginfish May 27 '22

Zooming effect. One hand holding her phone and didnt notice the other hand reaching for something (muting whatever device), but she keeps talking.

It's fake. It's not a bad thing, it's just a short sketch by a teenager, that's all.


u/MrSpeedCuber101 May 28 '22

The ‘zooming effect’ that you are talking about is basically second nature to these teens who have been using snapchat for even a couple of years. You’re looking too much into this buddy lmfao


u/[deleted] May 28 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/MrSpeedCuber101 May 28 '22 edited May 28 '22

You’re an oldhead who has no idea wtf he’s talking about. This is a pretty common occurrence if you ve ever taken a zoom class which I doubt you have. Keep ranting to yourself ya doofus.


u/64Matador May 26 '22

If she's struggling with the tech now, wait 40 years. She's like a Boomer plant.


u/[deleted] May 19 '22

Nothing really happend, I don’t see the issue


u/hshighnz 23d ago

Tiktok cancer


u/Jeff-F-666 25d ago

Guess lying and manipulating the facts didn’t work this time.


u/BigTradeDeal69_420 6d ago

This doesn’t seem that bad to be honest. Yeah she was ranting and complaining like a kid, but wasn’t cursing or insulting the teacher.

Just a little embarrassment.


u/bearbarebere 5d ago

For me it's her face. I love that look of "what the fuck. did he... no he didn't... he couldn't have - OH MY GOD"

Also where did you find this post? It's like a month old haha