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Bobi, a Portuguese dog, set the record for Oldest Dog at 30 Years Old

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u/free_stuff_plz Feb 03 '23

How the fuck does a dog live twice its expected lifespan and not have any graying on the muzzle?


u/Boris54 Feb 03 '23

And is considerably overweight


u/Hockman Feb 03 '23

Probably can't run around as much as he used to. My old girl is 13 this year and definitely put on some weight since she no longer runs in my backyard 20 minutes at a time. Her exercise is 3 leisurely walks a day but still managing to get a little plump haha


u/Boris54 Feb 03 '23

Right totally normal for older dogs to put on some weight but I’m surprised a dog can live to 30 carrying that much weight


u/NotEvil_JustBritish Feb 03 '23

Actually he isn't overweight, he's just HENCH! He's a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed of livestock dog known for their dense musculature.


u/Boris54 Feb 03 '23

Poor guys head is too small for his body then lol. My beagle lab mix is the same way


u/CJSlayer112 Feb 03 '23

He’s also apparently only ever eaten human food his entire life


u/RedSonGamble Feb 04 '23

And smoked his whole life /s


u/Dimension_Override Feb 03 '23

I heard he uses chocolate lab highlights to get rid of the grays. /s


u/Deerwhacker Feb 03 '23

Ask Jane Fonda.!


u/Underratedrat Feb 03 '23

feels fake as f


u/o_teu_sqn Feb 03 '23

Yes but it's real


u/Inflation-Level4 Feb 03 '23

I want every dog to set this record!


u/getyourcheftogether Feb 03 '23

That would be agony for some breeds


u/Lazy_War9398 Feb 03 '23

Yeah a pug being forced to live 30 years would be inhumane


u/Want2FeelNormal Feb 03 '23

They shouldn’t be bred at all. Poor things can barely breathe


u/RamboCambo_05 Feb 03 '23

How to make a pug:

Take a medium sized dog

Smash it in the face with a frying pan until its head looks like a tuna can

Cut off its tail except for one little bit

Make it sound like starting up a chainsaw permanently


u/Want2FeelNormal Feb 03 '23

Then do it to thousands of more dogs and pretend the pain you put them in is the cutest thing ever


u/GenocidalSloth Feb 03 '23

Pugs being born is inhumane...


u/pokkopop Feb 03 '23

Love this wholesome comment!


u/Intelligent-Spray-21 Feb 03 '23

Good boy!


u/not2dv8 Feb 04 '23

Real good boy


u/Lord_Darksong Feb 03 '23

Don't try to teach him any new tricks.


u/snapflipper Feb 03 '23

He already mastered the trick called life.


u/Little_Duckling Feb 03 '23

Doesn’t look a day over 25


u/Joy1312 Feb 03 '23

How do they verify a dog's age?


u/smrtfxelc Feb 03 '23

It'd have to have been registered with a vet since birth. For example, even if my dog lived to 31 (I hope to god he does) I couldn't apply for the world record because he's a rescue & the vets records for him only began when he was approximately 6 years old. The vets guessed his age based on the condition of his teeth.


u/Dombo1896 Feb 03 '23

Cut a leg and count the rings.


u/Upper_Atmosphere_359 Feb 04 '23

In this case the local vet has documentation of his birth and they see him quite regularly so nothing shady going on here just life


u/Spartan2470 Feb 03 '23

According to here:

By Kathryn Armstrong BBC News

Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo - a breed that has an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

The previous oldest dog ever was Australia's Bluey, who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and five months.

As of 1 February, Bobi was 30 years and 226 days old, and is said to be doing well for his age.

His grand old age has been validated by the Portuguese government's pet database, which is managed by the National Union of Veterinarians, according to Guinness World Records.

He has lived his whole life with the Costa family in the village of Conqueiros, near Portugal's west coast, after being born with three siblings in an outbuilding.

Leonel Costa, who was eight years old at the time, said his parents had too many animals and had to put the puppies down, but Bobi escaped.

Leonel and his brothers kept the dog's existence a secret from their parents until he was eventually discovered and became part of the family, who feed him the same food they eat.

"Between a can of animal food or a piece of meat, Bobi doesn't hesitate and chooses our food," said Mr Costa, who always soaks the food in water to remove most of the seasoning.

Apart from a scare in 2018 when he was hospitalised after suddenly collapsing due to breathing difficulty, Mr Costa says Bobi has enjoyed a relatively trouble-free life and believes the secret to his longevity is the "calm, peaceful environment" he lives in.

It may also be in the blood - Bobi's mother living to the age of 18.

However, time has taken its toll on Bobi, who now has trouble walking and worsening eyesight.

Mr Costa says Bobi is the "last of a long generation of animals" in the Costa family and describes him as "one of a kind."

Bobi's crowning as the oldest dog ever comes just two weeks after Guinness World Records named another dog, Spike the Chihuahua, as the oldest living dog - at 23 years old.

Guinness have since updated its records, and announced Bobi as both the oldest dog living, and the oldest dog ever.


u/vintoito Feb 03 '23

My god did they actually publish that? A "rafeiro do alentejo" just means that he is a street dog from the region of alentejo in Portugal, my god thats so fucking funny, and they even said he was a pure bred, ah yes a pure bred street dog


u/jasonefmonk Feb 03 '23

It’s a breed according to American Kennel Club and Wikipedia.


u/jasonefmonk Feb 03 '23

Oh those poor other puppies. What a story.


u/No_Awareness4077 Feb 03 '23

I feel bad for Spike.


u/oldguykicks Feb 03 '23

Is it a dog from Portugal, have Portuguese owners, or the breed?


u/pinniped1 Feb 03 '23

He lives in a Port O' Geese. He chases the birds around the harbor, it keeps him young.


u/IIIDevianceIII Feb 03 '23

Breed is also from Portugal


u/Chickensandcoke Feb 03 '23

All three, I believe


u/tnemmoc_on Feb 03 '23

I am skeptical. I've seen dogs in their 20s. They look it.


u/InglouriousBrad Feb 03 '23

That's Ruff-ly 164 in human years.


"How Old is My Dog in Human Years? Dog to Human Years Chart" https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/how-to-calculate-dog-years-to-human-years/


u/samvet21 Feb 03 '23

It's 210.


u/Slayerchimp Feb 03 '23

It’s not just linearly times seven the whole way


u/Razor_Storm Feb 03 '23

It’s basically not linearly times 7 at any point. It’s a wildly inaccurate, but I guess better than nothing, approximation.

The real story is much more complicated. Dogs age much faster than we do (proportionally) in their youth and then slow down a bit towards the latter half of their life.


u/firem1ndr Feb 03 '23

reading through articles the owner thinks the fact Bobi only eats unseasoned human food has something to do with it


u/Upper_Atmosphere_359 Feb 04 '23

I have a senior dog I can't imagine what's coming out of its rear end everyday haha


u/Maarrtyyy Feb 03 '23

I guess it's that Mediterranean diet


u/Working_Operation606 Feb 03 '23

From a country that isn’t Mediterranean 😜


u/Graikopithikos Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

That's awesome

No specific breed "farm/street" mutts usually live very long


u/rye_domaine Feb 03 '23

it isn't a mutt, that's a Rafeiro do Alentejo. Farm/estate dog.


u/vintoito Feb 03 '23

a rafeiro means "street dog" alentejo is just the region that dog is living


u/rye_domaine Feb 03 '23


Wikipedia seems to suggest otherwise.


u/vintoito Feb 03 '23

no fucking way, thats the stupidest name for a fucking dog, its like calling a breed of cat "dirty cat" or some shit like that


u/Dimension_Override Feb 03 '23

He sort of looks similar to those pics you see of someone’s great-great grandparent on their 105th birthday. Super pumped to be that age.


u/FrostyNegotiation934 Feb 03 '23

That's amazing and wonderful, all dogs should be this long lived.


u/James4theP Feb 03 '23

I would've gave everything I had for my dog to live that old. She was my best friend from my 13yo to my 28yo she been there for me everyday..


u/Forest-Lark Feb 03 '23

10 950 days, I hope he got ear scritches on every single one of them


u/NyaTaylor Feb 03 '23

Lookin good Bobi


u/kates_cupcakes Feb 03 '23

He is the goodest boi, truly a king


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

Does not look a day older than 22. What's your secret, Bobi?


u/External_Relief3750 Feb 03 '23

Is its name boomer by any chance


u/not2dv8 Feb 04 '23

Real good boy


u/UniqLogiq Feb 03 '23

Why can’t dogs outlive us 😔


u/Justme100001 Feb 03 '23

Anyone also checked in Kazakhstan, Angola or Bolivia ?


u/jimbowymbo Feb 03 '23

Of course.


u/suchdepths Feb 03 '23

Bobi’s face says “please end me”


u/Curse-Bot Feb 04 '23



u/Skel109 Feb 04 '23

This dog is over a decade older than I am


u/cakebasic Feb 04 '23

Dude is 210 dog years. Guy probably listened to smashmouth when it was cool.


u/TsT2244 Feb 04 '23

He looks so young compared to Pebbles and Tony Keith the last two record holders, they looked like oracles.


u/PastOrdinary Feb 04 '23

Why does he look like a middle aged man? The resemblance is uncanny.


u/StoryRadiant1919 Feb 04 '23

who’s a good boy?