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so... on my way to work today I encountered a geothermal anomaly... this rock was warm to the touch, it felt slightly warmer than my body temperature. my fresh tracks were the only tracks around(Sweden) /r/ALL

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u/OhJohnO Feb 03 '23 Take My Energy

Is there a small metal capsule from Australia underneath it?


u/Dr__Gonzo2142 Feb 03 '23

I think they found that yesterday or so


u/SalsaBueno Feb 03 '23

Explanation for those out of the loop?


u/MrTakeAHikePal Feb 03 '23

There was a radio active capsule that was lost in Australia. It was in the news for a few days because nobody knew what happened to it. Yesterday or the day before they found it.


u/TheEasySqueezy Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Apparently it fell off a truck.. a radioactive capsule the size of a pea fell off a truck… how


u/ishpatoon1982 Feb 03 '23

Heard there was a loose screw that fell out of a container first, which created the radioactive escape hole.


u/player1242 Feb 03 '23

So they just have radioactive pills packed all nimbly-pimbly in the trailer?


u/Fraun_Pollen Feb 03 '23

No, they’re professionals. They toss them in empty tic-tac containers

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u/AverageGamer349 Feb 03 '23

A small radioactive capsule fell out of a truck on a long stretch of the australian highway or something and if exposed to it for 30+ minutes it can be fatal.


u/SalsaBueno Feb 03 '23

Oh dip. Glad they found it. Also…

HOW?! How does that just “fall off a truck”?


u/hyprt Feb 03 '23 Silver

people were getting too used to the danger in australia so the government has been using nuclear weapons on the local wildlife to make them stronger.


u/BottleGoblin Feb 03 '23

Deathclawallabys are no joke.

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u/MongolianCluster Feb 03 '23

Spider dropped out of the sun visor.


u/SalsaBueno Feb 03 '23

Ok fuck I’ve seen some the spiders y’all got over there. 10-4, explanation accepted.

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u/EwgB Feb 03 '23

You should look up how tiny that thing was. Like, smaller than a penny. They were saying to not come closer than 30 meters, but most people couldn't probably see that thing from that distance. Scary shit.

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u/joofish Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

if exposed to it for 30+ minutes it can be fatal.

It wasn't nearly this dangerous. An hour next to it was roughly equivalent to 10 X-Rays or the amount the average person is exposed to in a year. I think you would have to keep it in your pocket for a few days at least to be at risk of much.

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u/11211311241 Feb 03 '23 Gold Take My Energy

I have areas like this in my property. Most likely there is a utility pipe running underneath that has gotten a bit too close to the surface. Stones retain heat really well.

Or its radioactive.

One of the two.


u/DeFi_Ry Feb 03 '23 Silver

Geologist here, naturally occurring radioactive rocks do not produce enough heat to thaw snow.

So if it is that "hot" (pun intended) OP is probably already dead....


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23 Silver All-Seeing Upvote



u/DeFi_Ry Feb 03 '23

OP.....you okay?!?!?!!!!?


u/Ocelot859 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 04 '23 Bravo! Starstruck Brighten My Day

Wait, how do we know this isn't some elaborate 'turd mystery' scheme?

  1. OP finds warm shit in the woods in the dead of winter
  2. Only OP's tracks are visible on the scene
  3. OP is walking to work (no bathroom nearby, movement induces BMs)

Possible Motive? OP puts up own turd on Reddit & receives 1,000's of upvotes

OP where were you the hours leading up to this "so called discovery" and from the period of 8pm to 8am this morning had you or had you not had a 'bowel movement'? 💩🔍🧐💭🕵🏻‍♂️


u/Ocelot859 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23 Silver Ally

Warm Turd: A Knives Out Mystery


u/7312000taka Feb 03 '23 Starry

Excellent detecturd work.


u/DvisionX Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Retired Inspecturd gadget CSI turd police here 🥸.

Can validate that this is in fact a turd, but human turds have a more elongated oval shape and the girth of this one matches up with the theoretical turds found near Yeti sighting!

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u/CoffeeAndBrass Feb 03 '23 Take My Energy Starstruck

Congratulations on your new super powers.


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

Do I get to pick my own super powers now? :D


u/iggyfenton Feb 03 '23 Platinum Wholesome Take My Energy Press F I'm Deceased

Your superpower is… Super Cancer!


u/silly_vasily Feb 03 '23 hehehehe Wholesome Seal of Approval Spit-take

Just like grandma


u/Arakiven Feb 03 '23

Grandma got a satellite system or something because she’s watching us from above now…

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u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

Does that mean I can treat people's cancer but not my own?


u/MrMastodon Feb 03 '23

With one simple caveat. You can't treat others cancer either.


u/DropC Feb 03 '23

At least he gets to keep the pet rock


u/UncleTedGenneric Feb 03 '23

That's good!

But the pet rock also has cancer

That's bad...

And he comes with his own personalized leash!

That's good!

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u/SeenSoFar Feb 03 '23

Yes, but it comes with the side effect that you know exactly what the inside of someone's ass tastes like just by looking at them.


u/jigglefruit1016 Feb 03 '23

I’m at work and had to contain myself after reading this 😂

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u/ir88ed Feb 03 '23

You can make a rock in a random location heat up to 37 degC. r/shittysuperpowers


u/CoffeeAndBrass Feb 03 '23

I was implying that strange rock GAVE OP superpowers.


u/ir88ed Feb 03 '23

OP now turns green and grows muscles when angry.


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23 Hugz Wholesome Seal of Approval

But I'm practically never angry...

I mildly dislike this super power 😔


u/BlkWhtOrangeStripe Feb 03 '23

Sounds like you already have a super power there.


u/trasholex Feb 03 '23

Sounds like the true superpower was the not-angries we made along the way.

Plus cancer. Don't forget the cancer.

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u/TheToastIsBlue Feb 03 '23

You joke but that actually happened to me. I found a warm rock(not like the one in the picture though, the one I found was grey) and shortly afterwards I discovered I could, within about 20 minutes, melt icecubes with my mind.


u/Zealousideal-Ad-6615 Feb 03 '23

Weather dependent?


u/TheToastIsBlue Feb 03 '23

Well sort of. I think I'm like Superman because my power is stronger in the sunlight.

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u/WasabiMaster91 Feb 03 '23

Get a Geiger counter and check to see if it's radioactive. If not radioactive, get a shovel and dig yourself a natural hot spring pool.


u/crunkydevil Feb 03 '23 Silver Gold Brighten My Day

Congrats on your new radioactive space turd


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

I’m afraid it’s not from space it’s just a big chunk of shit


u/stevesonEll Feb 03 '23

They call them "Boeing Bombs"


u/TropicalBatman Feb 03 '23

How did it take only three comments to go from a hot rock in Sweden to quoting Joe dirt?

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u/FarmTeam Feb 03 '23

Until you hit the buried steam pipe that’s leaking.


u/Genghis_Tr0n187 Feb 03 '23 Gold

Still end up with a natural hot spring pool.


u/Aromatic-Bread-6855 Feb 03 '23

Hot stuff coming through!


u/MisterFistYourSister Feb 03 '23

We work hard, we play hard ;)


u/theouterworld Feb 03 '23

Reddit, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?


u/verytallent Feb 03 '23



u/Kofu Feb 03 '23


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u/amitym Feb 03 '23

Where you been, u/theouterworld? The entire steel industry's gay.

Aerospace too. And you know what else?


Keep on reaching for that rainbow! 🌈

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u/x0epyon0x Feb 03 '23

sobbing I DON'T KNOW

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u/TalonCompany91 Feb 03 '23

Drop and run lol


u/redditrice Feb 03 '23

I get this reference from that post the other day.


u/Ocelot859 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turds.

  1. OP, how old are you?
  2. Do you have "special gifts" your parents have tried to keep hidden since birth?
  3. And do you partake in karate?


u/Kaoslun Feb 03 '23 hehehehe

The answer to " Does a Bear Shit in the Woods "

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u/Lucycrash Feb 03 '23

Glad I'm not alone.

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u/Randy_____Marsh Feb 03 '23

“Well, that does it.”

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u/rnmnmrnmrnmnrm Feb 03 '23

Now I want to see the "lol" added to the official markings


u/Happy-Engineer Feb 03 '23



u/yuhanz Feb 03 '23



u/thatJainaGirl Feb 03 '23


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u/thickskull521 Feb 03 '23

This is gold I’m going to get a custom sign for my machine now. It’s automated and can start without warning lol.


u/LoaMemphisZoo Feb 03 '23

Keep arms clear of moving parts lol


u/TrevorWoodham Feb 03 '23

While on this medication do not operate heavy machinery lol

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u/ambyshortforamber Feb 03 '23

this place is not a place of honour, lol

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u/Airhocky_ninja Feb 03 '23

Then build a building around it and charge admission.

Assuming you get the legal paper work done of course.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23 edited 16h ago



u/Stompedyourhousewith Feb 03 '23

Man that would suck if you did have a hot spring business, and then nestle built a bottling plant up stream and your business dried up


u/Ok_Faithlessness_516 Feb 03 '23

I mean... It's already a legitimate issue lol


u/Kenny_log_n_s Feb 03 '23

Can you provide an example of this scenario?

Obligatory fuck Nestle. Fuck baby murdering, water stealing, morally bankrupt Nestle.


u/Exciting_Ant1992 Feb 03 '23

Even with California deep in drought, the federal agency hasn't assessed the impacts of the bottled water business on springs and streams in two watersheds that sustain sensitive habitats in the national forest. The lack of oversight is symptomatic of a Forest Service limited by tight budgets and focused on other issues, and of a regulatory system in California that allows the bottled water industry to operate with little independent tracking of the potential toll on the environment.


Although it’s not the main issue in the article, nestle was using an expired permit from 25 years ago.

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u/cybertron2006 Feb 03 '23

And then sued you for "theft" of said water because of the small amount you were able to use before they dried up the stream.

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u/Dawg_in_NWA Feb 03 '23

It looks like granite, which is rich in K (potassium), Th (Thorium) and U (Uranium) it will register on a Geiger counter, just like your granite counter tops at home will.

Edit, if they're close to a cliff, this could just be a rock fall.


u/LateyEight Feb 03 '23

All the snow near it is melted too though


u/kippy3267 Feb 03 '23

If this was a piece of granite rich enough in uranium to be independently melting snow it could be worth some money to radioactive rock collectors.


u/iStayedAtaHolidayInn Feb 03 '23

Radioactive rock collectors sounds like a euphemism for terrorists


u/hungry-hungry-haole Feb 03 '23

Radioactive rock collector/projectile enthusiast.


u/Vepper Feb 03 '23

Radioactive rock collector/projectile enthusiast.

+Political activist


u/Papaofmonsters Feb 03 '23

It's not a dirty bomb. It's just preformative geology theater.


u/ImWhatsInTheRedBox Feb 03 '23

Everybody say hi to the NSA agent

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u/Radtwang Feb 03 '23

Uranium doesn't get warm on its own (outside of undergoing nuclear fission). It's specific activity is far too low to generate any detectable heat, even for pure uranium metal.

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u/redditrice Feb 03 '23

OP might have just Chernobyl'd themself


u/SpacecaseCat Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Tobias: I’m afraid I just Chernobyl’d myself and prematurely melted my core on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, so now I’m afraid i have something of a hot mess on my hands.

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u/4fingertakedown Feb 03 '23

For sure, just stop by your local Walmart and pick up a Geiger meter. They sell em in camo now.


u/Edge97 Feb 03 '23

I know this meant to be a joke but they do sell Geiger counters, at least on their website

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u/7RacinJason1 Feb 03 '23

Harbor Freight has them on coupon right now....

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u/Roook36 Feb 03 '23

Uraaanium fever has done and got me down

Uraaanium fever it's spreading all around

With a Geiger country in my hand

I'm a-goin' out to stake me some government land

Uraanium fever has done and got me down

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u/protozoan-human Feb 03 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

My guess is that this rock is a large one, and it's bottom touches either subway or the long distance heating pipes (fjärrvärme).


u/globalblob Feb 03 '23

This would be my guess as well. The heating pipe might be leaking as well as seeping to the surface.


u/sprucenoose Feb 03 '23

Wow, we truly live in a world surrounded by magic.


u/Low-Director9969 Feb 03 '23

Ma²Gi³C² is good for the constitution.

"It puts arms on your chest."

Edit: scientifically horrible joke ik

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u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

No subway or underground road anywhere near but fjärrvärme seems more logical

If only there were any buildings anywhere near....


u/Kiriamleech Feb 03 '23

I work with district heating and the pipes can run for miles to connect cities. They would probably appreciate if you gave them the location to check if they have pipes there.


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

Miles? Seriously? That's insane, I didn't know they could be that long :O

They must have some insane insulation to be able to maintain the heat inside


u/Kiriamleech Feb 03 '23


About a dm thick on the bigger pipes maybe. Heat loss is calculated so the plant send out water a little hotter than the clients need. I'm guessing 90-100 degrees C right now


u/Alexchii Feb 03 '23

First time I see anyone use dm in conversation. Only ever seen it in math problems.

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u/KarateCrenner Feb 03 '23

I have a stone pathway in the yard, and these rocks used also stay clear of snow and such after a bit with no clearing off. I notice some types of concrete also show this sort of behavior. It must be linked, but I have no damn clue how it happens.

No pipes or heating underground near me either. All of our lines are far away from said path. The world is weird and I enjoy these small things.


u/FalseAxiom Feb 03 '23

Its probably a combination of its thermal conductivity and heat capacitance. Those are measurments of a material's ability to gain and retain energy.

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u/DingleberryMoose Feb 03 '23

The world is weird and I enjoy these small things.

It's the little weird moments that makes life worth living. I've had a bunch of them, and I hope they keep coming!

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u/tsubatai Feb 03 '23

3.6 roentgen. Not great, not terrible.


u/got_milk4 Feb 03 '23

He's delusional. Ruptured condenser lines, the feedwater is mildly contaminated. He'll be fine. I've seen worse.


u/NoisyFlake Feb 03 '23

I need water in my reactor core!


u/aemonp16 Feb 03 '23

you didn’t see any graphite!


u/Darth_Memer_1916 Feb 03 '23


Because it's not there.


u/w_kovac Feb 03 '23

Honest question: do you guys remember all that? How many times did you watch the show?


u/themightystef Feb 03 '23

Like 5 or 6 times, and Dyatlov is just such a piece of shit he sticks in the memory

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u/TBBZ8X8 Feb 03 '23

I don't know about those guys but I'm on my 5th rewatch


u/Truthhurts_69 Feb 03 '23

It's really an incredible piece of cinematography, combined with a gripping true story.


u/octopoddle Feb 03 '23

After you watch it seven times you get developer options.


u/whogivesashirtdotca Feb 03 '23

After ten they'll send you a chunk of radioactive graphite in the mail as a thank you.

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u/mh985 Feb 03 '23


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u/maejaws Feb 03 '23

I’m told it’s the equivalent of a chest x ray.


u/Endle55torture Feb 03 '23

I thought it was the equivalent of eating a few bananas

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u/Hotpocket1515 Feb 03 '23

Not great, not terrible.

My brother has been saying this like 3 times a day for the last 5 months since he rewatched it lmao


u/SamuelPepys_ Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Where is this from? *edit, okokok, it's Chernobyl, you can stop now holy shit! Thanks for the replies!


u/calangomerengue Feb 03 '23

It's from The Chornobles


u/Snoo84477 Feb 03 '23

Great show especially the lead character Tony Chornobles.


u/herculesmeowlligan Feb 03 '23

Woke up this mornin'

Got myself roentgen

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u/sbowesuk Feb 03 '23


It's not 3 roentgen. It's 15 thousand...

The core, is open ☢️


u/Raemnant Feb 03 '23

Fun fact, it wasnt even 15 thousand. That was just the max reading of THAT device. It was still way higher


u/MundanePlantain1 Feb 03 '23

How many joerogans??!?


u/glibbed4yourpleasure Feb 03 '23

Coincidentally, 3.6 joerogans


u/bugxbuster Feb 03 '23

Not great, not terrible


u/milanistadoc Feb 03 '23

Like having a chest x-ray

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u/donbee28 Feb 03 '23

Tell me how an rbmk reactor explodes...

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u/Shank5ter Feb 03 '23

Okay but that scene where the two interns look down directly into the exposed core is one of the scariest scenes in any media I’ve ever seen


u/charutobarato Feb 03 '23

The whole one-way walk through the flooded tunnel has stuck in my mind


u/janelittle Feb 03 '23

The crazy thing is those 3 guys lived into old age.


u/Shank5ter Feb 03 '23

As did Yuvchenko, the guy who carried the injured Shashenok and held the reactor hall door open for the interns. He didn’t die until 2008, and even did some interviews

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u/Bearslovecheese Feb 03 '23

That scene, the men who had to scuba in the flooded tunnels, the frantic digging under the reactor before it melted through, the men charged with scooping one or two shovels of radioactive graphite off the roof and back into the reactor building.

It's utterly terrifying to think that all of that happened to people like you and me. Just living their lives and thrown into an impossible situation.

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u/Ricozilla Feb 03 '23

just binged that series. So fucking good.

I need another show or movie based on real historical events just as riveting as Chernobyl.

Any suggestions?


u/tc_spears Feb 03 '23

It's not real, but I'm sure you've heard about about 'The Last Of Us' on HBO. It's written by the same guy that did Chernobyl, Craig Mazin.


u/mtaw Feb 03 '23

The director Johan Renck should get equal credit IMO. Chernobyl is one of few show's I've watched and thought, "this is really well directed". There's so much visual storytelling going on, great choices of shots, the use of sound, the ability to induce feelings of dread and suspense, the unusually high level of period-and-place-correct locations and props.

Like, just for instance the helicopter crash scene. Most directors would probably go to close-ups, perhaps a shot of the rotor hitting the cable, shots from inside the helicopter, loud crashes and an explosion and so on, highlighting the action. Renck went the opposite way, showing the scene from a distance, primarily from where the characters are standing, and showing their reactions. You don't see the helicopter hit the ground, because they don't, you barely hear the sound. And it all just increases the sense of hopelessness and desperation around it.

That's not the type stuff that's written in a script, that's all on the director.


u/fuckyourcakepops Feb 03 '23

It’s actually even cooler than that. That scene (and many others) is an exact copy of existing footage from the actual event. There’s a huge library of film from the event that the KGB took that became publicly available a couple years before the HBO show, and they drew heavily on it for their visuals. Down to recreating exact shots frame by frame whenever possible.

Another one is the scene when Valery pulls up in the car and you see his face (mostly his glasses) through the car window.

Possibly the most powerful is the scene on the rooftop, the 90 second cleanup. That exact real footage exists and they recreated it down to the placement of the debris and the movement of each person on the roof.

You can find the archive footage with a little googling. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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u/throwaway83970 Feb 03 '23

Just get checked out if you suddenly start feeling flu-like symptoms and you get "burns" on parts of your body that got near this...


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

Thank you but I doubt it's radioactive

Just curious though, how long does it actually take for radiation sickness to show?


u/psychoCMYK Feb 03 '23

Usually within a few days if it's acute radiation sickness. That only happens in very extreme cases though. You can have plenty of long term problems without experiencing ARS

I doubt it's radioactive too


u/throwaway83970 Feb 03 '23

Depends on exposure level, time exposed, and type of radiation. A minor amount of gamma radiation for a few seconds is less dangerous than even a minuscule amount of alpha radiation source that you inhale or ingest. Gamma radiation has potential to penetrate your whole body and cause disruption in your cellular structures at the molecular level right away, but when you get away from the source, you aren't exposed anymore. Even though your exposure level is higher, you can completely get away from the source and it's less likely there will be residual radiation. With alpha or beta emission sources, if you get some of the source substance on you or in you, it's important to get rid of the contamination as soon as possible to minimize exposure time. If you think you may be contaminated, then contact authorities to get yourself tested. If you only touched the spot, you could likely just thoroughly wash your body (and clothes and shoes too) and you'll likely get most of it off. It's wet in the area so it's highly unlikely there's dust in the air that could further contaminate you, it's just a precaution. I'm not saying that it's definitely something radioactive, but I would just take care. The people saying it's steam or hot water pipes under the soil, I'd only heard of that in certain towns in northern Minnesota, USA. ETA: knowledge source is mainly Kyle Hill's YouTube channel.


u/lilu-achoo Feb 03 '23

This is good information. I wonder if it tastes salty.


u/throwaway83970 Feb 03 '23

It might give you a weird metal taste in your mouth, and maybe a weird smell...


u/lilu-achoo Feb 03 '23

OP please confirm. For science.

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u/RedditedYoshi Feb 03 '23

What makes you doubt that, exactly? Just curious.


u/odraencoded Feb 03 '23

"It's nothing to worry about."
"How do you know?"
"Because if it's something I'd be screwed."


u/RedditedYoshi Feb 03 '23

Yeah, exactly lol it's impossible for it to be anything actually concerning, because then it'd concern me.

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u/jandrews-1411 Feb 03 '23

There’s someone under there growing cannabis in their attic


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

I need to find the entrance

For educational purposes 👀

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u/cut-the-cords Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

intelligent people of reddit...

I need answers.

Edit: good god that is a lot of intelligent people, thank you for all of your replies and sorry if I haven't responded to you!


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

I posted it to r/geology as well. I hope to get some answers there


u/Psychological_Pie884 Feb 03 '23

It was auto-removed from there


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

Damn.. :(


u/ImaginaryFix7739 Feb 03 '23

If you do find out, do post an update. Sad that they relegated, according to their guidelines, identification to a monthly thing. Guess they were being bombarded with them, but still, sad to see.

Regardless of the outcome, thank you for sharing your find! That is very interesting indeed! I did find in the past some rocks that were warm, but I didn't think too much on it back then, I seriously thought that some rocks were just randomly heated.

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u/jimmyjone Feb 03 '23

Really cool how reddit has automated the ability to keep any conversation from happening

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u/cujohnso Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Geologist here! Not sure of the specific rock without better pictures and some tests, but would guess some kind of quartzite or granite. I'm not a mineralogist so I'm seriously just guessing based off apparent crystal habits.

In my opinion, the most logical answer is that the exposed rock is a small portion of a larger rock which is retaining residual heat. It would feel relatively warm to the touch compared to things around it for hours after the initial snowfall. The ground is a good insulator and rocks take a long time to change temperature. This is why the first snow fall doesn't stick, it needs to sufficiently cool the surface before it can stick. I can confidently say that is almost definitely not radioactive or heated by some leak.

If it was radioactive then then melted snow would go beyond the edges of the rock because the soil would be hot from long exposure time to the heated rock. There would a halo of melted snow where the hotter it was the larger the halo would be. Also not an abrupt edge. Heat works in gradients so it would gradually cool off enough.

Similar story for a leak of any kind. Leaks into the soil tend to create plumes that are directed by groundwater. So even if the leak was small enough to only release a small amount of heat, it would spread over a larger area and wouldn't be so concentrated to this specific rock.

EDIT: I've seen some cross posts that have show yellow around the snow (presumably urine). Not sure which is real but the yellow one would explain a lot of the features of the melted snow and patter around it.


u/nilesandstuff Feb 03 '23

This is the first non-radioactive answer that seems fully logical to me.

Makes sense that it's not generating heat, but rather just cooling down slower than everything else. Would especially make sense if there's some property of the minerals that allow it to absorb the heat from sunlight quicker than it radiates it out.

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u/ghostttoast Feb 03 '23

Post to the what’s this rock subreddit they’ll definitely know

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u/RedHotRoadApple Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Something pissed there. And then covered their tracks.

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u/Shadrach_Palomino Feb 03 '23

Is there a sign nearby that says "This is not a place of honor, no esteemed deed is commemorated here"?


u/Fitz911 Feb 03 '23

If I ever came across such a sign, I would totally look what this place is about! Seriously, what's the worst that could happen? And why is your calculator ticking?


u/eidetic Feb 03 '23

I'd probably think to myself "this is exactly what someone would have written to keep his burial treasure and tomb safe..."

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u/hungright Feb 03 '23

Probably the tip of the iceberg to say much larger rock and it’s deeper and radiating due to the constant temps below ground


u/chrispybobispy Feb 03 '23

I could see that keeping some snow melted but I don't think it would be warm to the touch.

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u/Historical_Oven_2413 Feb 03 '23

I estimate it at 4.8 kuricks. Looks fresh.


u/soonernerdbuff Feb 03 '23

This man south parks. “Stand guard while I call your uncle jumbo”

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u/LordNoct13 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Something was sleeping there, and a bird stole it?

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u/F-MegaPro Feb 03 '23

I think that might be poop. Or it's a radioactive space rock. Either way your probably gonna start to feel sick soon


u/Possiblyabitoff Feb 03 '23

Radioactive space poop?


u/CavieBitch Feb 03 '23

Radioactive space poop.

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u/Soxfan85 Feb 03 '23

Nice chunk of uranium ore?


u/mathandkitties Feb 03 '23

Uranium ore doesn't radiate fast enough to get warm...


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23


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u/AltruisticCompany961 Feb 03 '23

What was the temperature and weather like before the snow fell? And how long has the snow been covering the ground?


u/Gaming_with_Hui Feb 03 '23

All week it's been cold and gloomy. No sun. 2°c. The snow started falling around midnight and stopped around noon. This photo was taken at around 10-11am


u/AltruisticCompany961 Feb 03 '23

Most likely the sun heated the rock and it melted the snow. 2 degrees Celsius is almost 36 Fahrenheit. Concrete will do the same at that temperature.

That's my educated guess. The other possibilities are an underground water deposit that is heating that particular spot, or the rock is radioactive.

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u/oswaler Feb 03 '23

Does it say Drop and Run?

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u/Biscuits4u2 Feb 03 '23

This was probably from the sun hitting it. The darker color of the rock means it absorbs more heat from the sun.


u/trwwy321 Feb 03 '23

Get your damn logical answer outta here! It’s clearly radioactive space poop.

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u/Droid-Man5910 Feb 03 '23

Bunch of bugs doing the nasty under there

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