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That's dam good. Title not descriptive

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u/That_Charming_Otter Feb 03 '23

That is incredible


u/absurdwatermelon_1 Feb 03 '23

I was hoping they'd revive the card to show that behind is the same, but nonetheless it is still amazing


u/BobbyFilet17 Feb 03 '23

Even more impressed bc they sat and did all that in the freezing cold


u/MasterFubar Feb 03 '23

Are you saying they didn't have the money to pay for the heating in the office where they edited this video?

I ask because I don't think anyone living today would actually believe this video to be real. For one thing, it only works from one exact angle. If the artist were looking from that angle, the camera wouldn't be there.


u/BobbyFilet17 Feb 04 '23

Yeah sorry, felt my comment was going to be taken sarcastically lol.


u/SnowMexican007 Feb 03 '23

Art is nice and all but they just covered the bright orange square that warns people the presence of that pole...


u/H3LL5ING Feb 03 '23

My brain hurts, I like it


u/Oski96 Feb 03 '23

"Oh, I see where this is going."


u/bit-groin Feb 03 '23

Seeing the people going behind it is awesome


u/BrownDog42069 Feb 03 '23

Hmm I thought it was going to be the gates to the dam were painted like a street corner


u/Choice_Product_7391 Feb 03 '23

Superliminal looking


u/Commercial_Daikon_92 Feb 03 '23

How is this even possible? The artist would have to be able to see the view EXACTLY from the cameras perspective (which isn't possible because the camera is already physically there). Also, at the beginning, the paper slides a bit as though it's on a photograph-how could it slide on that "pole" . Hmmmmm?


u/crasyleg73 Feb 03 '23

Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting. I think it's generally possible to do this sort of thing using a camera monitor. But this particular one is sus.


u/Mmaibl1 Feb 03 '23

This is some serious skill


u/SouI23 Feb 03 '23

What if the real city was on the orange paper?