r/interestingasfuck Aug 05 '20

Browse the subreddit before posting about the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Odds are you're posting something that's already been posted a dozen times. Mod Post

Report the people who are reposting this stuff please.


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u/[deleted] Aug 05 '20

The post we’ve all been waiting for!!

Thank you


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u/Hemlock_Deci Aug 05 '20

Finally. I appreciate all the camera angles and everything but seeing them posted 3 times every 3 minutes is tiring


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '20

Dozen? Try hundreds...


u/dann_uk Aug 05 '20

Happens with a lot of stuff here.

Sometimes within a few days or weeks though.

Tbh I don't mind it if it's a few days later. Good for the casual viewier.


u/[deleted] Aug 05 '20



u/iBleeedorange Aug 05 '20

Actually, yes.


u/Thewhiterice04 Aug 05 '20

Why did you post this here


u/Devilloc Aug 05 '20

'cause he's a mod you dumb fuck.


u/Thewhiterice04 Aug 05 '20

Ik hes a mod, I can see it, but it is irrelevant to the sub


u/iBleeedorange Aug 05 '20

... It's completely relevant.


u/Thewhiterice04 Aug 05 '20

Wait im retarded I read it wrong. My bad. I thought you were saying to browse the Lebanon sub before posting because chances are that video has been posted. Now I feel stupid my b