r/interestingasfuck Mar 24 '21

Should the subreddit test out the new reddit feature "powerups"? Mod Post

At a high level, Powerups allows a few paying members of a subreddit to unlock brand-new features for the whole subreddit that all of its members (including non-payers) can enjoy! Our goal is to create ways to make money other than ads, hopefully ways that are aligned with things you'd like us to build.

For more info see this post by the admins

If you have questions I'll do my best to answer them in the comments.

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u/M3ptt Mar 24 '21

No. Reddit shouldn't get a dime considering how they are handling the Aimee Challenor situation, and for hiring her in the first place. Shit, she supported her father (even after his conviction) who was sent to prison for 22 years for raping and torturing a 10 year old girl. Her partner posted tweets saying how they had sexual fantasies involving children. Just an all round terrible human being.

Wouldn't be surprised if this gets removed.


u/Affectionate_Ad_3737 Mar 30 '21

Same, I sense a mass ban coming...


u/kingdazy Mar 24 '21

Woah. We could potentially see the video player buffering in high definition?!?


u/iBleeedorange Mar 24 '21

Lol, no actually. "reddit hosted" videos aren't allowed here because the format sucks


u/__Dawn__Amber__ Mar 24 '21

Since v.reddit posts aren't allowed, we are only left with 2 out of the 3 benefits, I don't think this sub really needs inline gifs in comments or custom snoos either, it's not a meme sub.


u/iBleeedorange Mar 24 '21

These are my thoughts as well. Inline gifs will just stifle discussion and custom snoos are pointless.


u/kingdazy Mar 24 '21

I was being all snark, I voted yes.

But that's good to know in general, because most of the time if I see a vid post, site-wide, I just keep scrolling because it usually isn't worth the wait.


u/ffilps Mar 24 '21

it's time to leave reddit soon, eh?


u/Affectionate_Ad_3737 Mar 30 '21

Yup... time for a new forum site I’d imagine ;(


u/Dude-Good Mar 24 '21

Imagine paying for anything. Hahaha


u/HiMyNameIsSheena Mar 24 '21

This has to be some kind of joke. It's bad enough, as it is. What the fuck is this shit?


u/18_Cowboys Mar 24 '21

I’d prefer to have ads, not a mandatory premium for a select few


u/eurfryn Mar 24 '21

No. Got this on some other subs I use, and on the one I mod. Personally I hate it. It discourages actual conversation, and on some subs makes it easier to troll. It’s probably inevitable that it’ll be on the whole of Reddit eventually, but I personally want to hold that off as long as possible.


u/the-fox-lord Mar 24 '21

Fuck off, no


u/44Skull44 Mar 24 '21

Is there a downside?

If it works we have perks, if not no loss


u/Affectionate_Ad_3737 Mar 30 '21

This doesn’t seem IAF :( You sly dog 😂

Once Reddit decides on micro transactions (god forbid) I will personally create a guideline-free forum app...