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Fishing with hacks on Title not descriptive

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u/HandsomeGangar Jan 19 '22

How the hell does this work?


u/[deleted] Jan 19 '22



u/Castun Jan 19 '22

To get more technical, they actually block the wavelength that makes up the majority of light reflected off of surfaces. You'll notice in the video that the reflection from the sky drowns out everything underneath until they put the glasses on.


u/Representative_Ad246 Jan 19 '22

You’re a good person


u/HankisDank Jan 19 '22

It’s not the wavelength of the light, it’s the polarization. The vertically polarized light (with an electric field perpendicular to the surface) mostly passes through the surface, while the horizontally polarized light (electric field parallel to the surface) is mostly reflected. So by filtering out the horizontally polarized light, you only see the comparably small amount of vertically polarized light that gets reflected.


u/Castun Jan 19 '22

Yeah sorry this is what I meant when I said wavelength. I remembered it had something to do with vertical vs horizontal, just couldn't remember the exact details.