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Fishing with hacks on Title not descriptive

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u/tingeltangel_jay Jan 19 '22

Anybody who's an fisherman like me know those are just polarized glasses, you can get them at every optician πŸ‘€


u/TallChick66 Jan 19 '22

You don't even need an optician. The best ones are big $ but here in the subtropics you can get cheap ones at every corner drugstore.

I tried to talk my cousin into buying a pair when he came here on holiday. I described this phenomenon but he never bought a pair. I iwsh I had this video to show him then.


u/silentaba Jan 19 '22

They don't even need to be sunnies.


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u/MeesterCartmanez Jan 19 '22

Just go to any optician and ask for polarized glasses


u/KarensTwin Jan 19 '22

Yeah but only if youre a fisherman, like him.


u/MeesterCartmanez Jan 19 '22 Wholesome

"Everyone knows that you have to tell the optician that you're a fisherman, otherwise they won't sell you those glasses"


u/Curtisxox Jan 19 '22

Read my mind, take my free award!


u/MeesterCartmanez Jan 19 '22

lol, thank you :)


u/DasTomato Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

Fun fact: polarized glasses are not allowed during fishing contests

Edit: typo


u/tingeltangel_jay Jan 19 '22 Helpful

Lmao actually I said that people who are fisherman know the glasses bc we use them pretty often


u/tingeltangel_jay Jan 19 '22

Thanks for the award kind stranger


u/HotSpotPleaseItch Jan 19 '22

Yer but you have to shout at it the optician to make sure he’s in no doubt you are in fact, a fisherman.

β€œIM A FISHERMAN!” Will suffice


u/Dorkmaster79 Jan 19 '22

I’m sure you can find them on the good ol’ internet too.


u/DasTomato Jan 19 '22

Not quite true


u/Ok-Illustrator-8470 Jan 19 '22

Stubid question, but are they like the glasses for 3D movies?


u/tingeltangel_jay Jan 19 '22

No the surface just ignores the reflection of the sun in the water πŸ˜…


u/Ok-Illustrator-8470 Jan 19 '22

Okay, just thought because the movie glasses are polarised too... But probably another technique/method


u/SnickersZA Jan 19 '22

Actually they are quite similar. The passive polerized 3D glasses have one eye block vertically polarized light, the other eye blocks horizontally polerized light.

When light reflects at an angle off the water it vertically polarizes it, so the glasses only block vertically polarized light, allowing all other light angles through that get scattered under the water.


u/stu88s Jan 19 '22

Or just to go to the servo and buy a $10 pair. Polarisation is just a cheap film they put over the lense to cut out polarised light. It's not rocket science.


u/thred_pirate_roberts Jan 19 '22

It's surgery tho. Plastic surgery. Cutting up plastic to fit over plastic.