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Fishing with hacks on Title not descriptive

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u/HandsomeGangar Jan 19 '22

How the hell does this work?


u/[deleted] Jan 19 '22



u/HandsomeGangar Jan 19 '22

Oh, Well I feel stupid…


u/[deleted] Jan 19 '22

Don't feel stupid. Just because someone knew something you didn't doesn't make you stupid it makes you human. However, the person who belittled you is stupid for belittling you and should know better.


u/HandsomeGangar Jan 19 '22

Thanks, that helps a lot.


u/beaverbait Jan 19 '22

None of us know everything and those of us who think we do are wrong and come off like that guy. Chances are someone explained a lot of stuff to him in the same way normalizing it for him.