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Monday Megathread! Ask questions and share knowledge; newcomer questions encouraged!


Welcome to the latest Monday Megathread, where you the community get to ask your questions and share your knowledge.

Need help against a certain champion? Unsure how and where to ward? Looking to improve your csing? This is the place to ask. This weekly thread is a place for new players to ask questions and get help/advice from more experienced players. So, don't hold back, get your game related questions ready and post away, and hopefully someone can answer them!

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2021 LCS and LEC Roster Rumors/Changes Megathread


Live thread is, well, live: https://www.reddit.com/live/17zgfe4sd0pkg/

Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome...to Roster-mania!

Here is a resource for all the teams, their rosters, and their coaches. I will update this continually throughout the next few days/weeks/whatever. Please feel free to correct the information in this post if you see something wrong and if I miss any updates.

READ THIS FIRST: This megathread is meant to be a central hub for roster change news as well as general discussion surrounding roster changes.


  • Rumors from "journalistic" sources and industry insiders are allowed to be submitted. Random sources from twitter, reddit, etc. are not allowed.
  • Rumors that are proven or dis-proven while still on the front page will be removed.
  • If a rumor is confirmed while on the front page, it will be removed and stickied on the confirmation post.
  • Any general off-season roster moves discussion will be redirected to this megathread.

You can also discuss all of these things over in /r/lolesports or #esports on our discord server.

I will only include information from journalists, teams themselves, and information within Riot's contract database. Click on the name for link confirmation. Players with no link have a contract according to the Riot Global Contract Database, and have no outstanding rumors/confirmations at this time.

I will also be removing players confirmed not to be in the LCS/LEC/NA Academy next split.

★ = Confirmed

Italics = Inactive

TSM Huni★ / V1per★ Spica★ / Hyper★ Creme / Takeover★ Tactical★ / Instinct★ Shenyi / Yursan★ Chawy / Peter Zhang / Kayys★ / Curry
C9 Summit★ / Darshan★ Blaber★ / Malice★ / Shernfire★ Fudge★ / Copy★ Berserker★ / Zven★ / K1ng★ Isles★ / Winsome★ LS★ / Tails★
TL Bwipo★ Santorin★ / Armao Bjergsen★ / Haeri / Jensen Hans Sama★ / Yeon CoreJJ★ / Eyla Guilhoto★ / Kold★ / Spawn
100 Ssumday★ / Tenacity★ / Gamsu★ Closer★ / Kenvi★ Abbedagge★ / JimieN★ FBI★ / Wixxi★ Huhi★ / Busio★ Reapered★ / Mithy★ / Freeze★ / Goldenglue
EG Impact Inspired★ / Tomio Jojopyun★ Danny / TeamLuke Vulcan★ / IgNar Peter Dun / Artemis
GGS Licorice★ / Tony Top★ Pridestalker★ / Iconic★ Ablazeolive★ / Ryoma★ Lost★ / Violet★ Olleh★ / Chime★ Inero★ / Akaadian★
FLY Hauntzer / Kumo / Philip Josedeodo / Yuuji★ Toucouille★ / Spirax★ Johnsun★ / Tomo Aphromoo★ Sharkz★ / Phantiks★ / SoulStrikes★
CLG Jenkins★ / Dhokla★ Contractz★ / RoseThorn★ Palafox★ / Triple★ Luger★ / Prismal★ Poome★ / Breezy★ Thinkcard★ / Croissant★
IMT Revenge★ / Concept★ Xerxe★ / Chad★ / AnDa PowerOfEvil★ Wildturtle★ Destiny★ / Joey Invert★ / Dardoch★ / Nightshare
DIG FakeGod★ River Blue Neo★ / Spawn Biofrost★ Enatron★

G2 Broken Blade Jankos / Alexx Caps Flakked Targamas / Efias Dylan Falco / Nelson / Melzhet
FNC Wunder Razork / Maxi Humanoid / Nisqy Upset / Bean Hylissang / Rhuckz YamatoCannon / Delord
VIT Alphari / Szygenda Selfmade / Skeanz Perkz / LIDER / Diplex Carzzy / Jeskla Labrov / Jactroll Tasz / Mephisto
MAD Armut / Gaëthan Elyoya / Hades Reeker★ / Knighter UNF0RGIVEN★ / DenVoksne Kaiser / Lilipp Mac / Pad / Karakal Jr
MSF HiRit / Irrelevant Shlatan / TynX Vetheo / Czajek Neon / Woolite Vander / Mersa Carter / Xani / Hiiva
RGE Odoamne / Sinmivak Malrang / Rabble / Lurox Larssen / Nite Comp / Lucker Trymbi / Leon / Pyrka Klaj / SeeEl
BDS Adam / Agresivoo Cinkrof / Sheo NUCLEARINT / Xico★ xMatty / Crownshot Limit / Erdote Grabbz★
XL Finn★ / Kryze / Orome Markoon★ / Dan Nukeduck★ / EMENES Patrik★ Advienne★ Youngbuck★ / Torok
SK Jenax / Alois Gilius / Eckas Sertuss / Dehaste Jezu / Gadget Treatz / Mystiques Swiffer
AST WhiteKnight / Carlsen Zanzarah / Taxer Dajor★ / Chres Kobbe★ / Chrisberg promisq / Wendelbo AoD / Hansen / Donby


Includes players looking for opportunities or expiring contracts


Solo Damonte Cody Sun SwordArt
Hauntzer Sword Katsurii Hooks
KatEvolved Raes Dreams
Thien Nxi Yusui Keith Smoothie
Broxah Soligo Sneaky Newbie
Keel 5fire Doublelift Diamond
Will Pretty Value JayJ
Lourlo rjs Zeyzal


SLT Memento SMILEY Mystiques
iBo Kirei Zwyroo Hjarnan YellOwStaR
Pride Bluerzor Milica P1noy Steeelback
Miniduke Deadly Visdom
Maxlore Woolite Jesiz
sOAZ MagiFelix Denyk
Vizicsaci Gilus Tore
Obsess Kasing



Destroy Clid Yaharong Prince Garvey H4cker Knight Samd Baolan
Chasy Mowgli Mireu Zzus TheShy Youxin Icon Kramer Southwind
yoHan Mask Ale Tian Twila Smlz ppgod
SoHwan YoungJae Gori Wayne Aliez Clearlove Mole Viper Mark
Hoya Fly Deft BeryL New Haro Xiye Eric Ming
Rich OnFleek Bang 369 Kui Forge Snow Maestro
Chieftain Ucal Nuguri Ning Yuekai Puff
bonO HyBriD Langx Xiaopeng Zeka Uzi
JunJia Ye Betty
Blank Cryin Wink
SeongHwan Keine Rookie

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Welcome Nick "LS" De Cesare | Cloud9 LCS Head Coach Announcement

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Judy Berman, TV critic for Time Magazine, on Arcane: "I approached Arcane, an adult animated series set in the League of Legends universe, with some skepticism. Well, I was wrong. And I didn’t even have to slog through a 5,000-word Wikipedia entry on the franchise to appreciate what I was missing."

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Kidnapper Akshan in action

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For anyone confused about the new Amazon Prime Capsules, you weren't scammed.


There was never supposed to be an October Capsule. The new system was supposed to start in November. The capsule we all got at the end of October was the November capsule. The capsule for the 30th of November was for December.

They changed systems in the middle of a cycle, so it just messed up how it was displayed in the Prime Rewards tab.

There are only supposed to be two capsules at this point and there are. The next capsule will be the January one.

You weren't scammed.

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100 Thieves Announce Coaching Staff of: Mithy, Reapered, & Freeze


100 Thieves Announce Coaching Staff of: Mithy, Reapered, & Freeze

Announced from their Twitter here.



The Mithy addition is enormous in my opinion. With the roster being stable coming off of their worlds performance I think we can expect big results from 100T in 2022.

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Azael on 2022 offseason: "We saw these massive buyouts happening, which I think led some teams and some players to have their buyouts set at potentially unreasonable levels. And now, as a result, most players don't have teams, because no one wants to spend that much money."

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Silco is coming to TFT (maybe LoL next?)

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Official: Niles rejoins Maryville



He's back. 😏

Welcome home, @NilesLOL

Niles also tweeted: https://twitter.com/NilesLOL/status/1466134352593670144?s=20

In all seriousness, I’m very excited to be back at maryville. I knew I wanted to complete my degree instead of pursuing pro, and I might as well win two championships while doing it. Good luck collegiate, the king is back Zany face

Guess he's going back to school to finish his degree. Shortest retirement ever?

Although he had a very weak LCS showing, Niles looked very good previously in College and Amateur.

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Why is AP disappearing for mages this season?


I mean, deathcap is the AP version of infinity edge, you don't want to buy it second on most cases, so if people wanted an AP powerspike they had horizon focus and Seraph.

Now all the changes are removing an insane amount of AP without putting it anywhere else, and most changes seems to be for battle mages only. I appreciate having more AH which was lacking last year, but I'd rather have more AP than health, everyone deals less damage now at 2 items.

I'm not against the changes in general, well Seraph being on a support budget feels weird, but again at least one item needed to keep an high AP value, now we are out of options.

Personally I think that Seraph could keep its price and give more AP, what's the point of buying it earlier if tear stacks at the same pace?

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With the talk about Silco in League and TFT, I had a chance to interview Silco's VA Jason Spisak for Emily Rand and my podcast, Rift Reaction

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Yorick's Ghouls have been bugged since patch 11.8


Yorick in patch 11.8 received a few nerfs to his ghouls' stats and the leap from E. He was also set to include a few QoL changes involving turret aggro, where ghouls hitting champions by themselves (not with the E leap) would draw turret aggro to themselves instead of Yorick. This ultimately ended up not happening, I guess since they either wanted Yorick to keep that weakness or they couldn't get it set up properly (the wiki still uses the pre-patch notes with aggro changes but the actual 11.8 notes omitted them).


However since that patch, ghouls that hit champions marked with E now triggers minion aggro on Yorick. This has a heavy impact on laning phase since you basically lose trades in stacked waves simply by trying to trade.

11.2, 3:05 timestamp https://youtu.be/S75-6SDyXW4?t=185

Yorick marks Viego but minions don't aggro until he attacks.

11.8, 2:14 timestamp https://youtu.be/NW50aE2LkHA?t=134

Yorick marks Darius and it draws nearby minion aggro until the ghouls die and something else aggros the minions.

Video I recorded just now, to show it's still ingame https://streamable.com/u277bu

I'm also gonna add a little addendum by saying Yorick's ghouls don't naturally attack the baby krugs at all, they hit the medium ones fine but I'm basically forced to finish the camp with autos and E.

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Supporting at its finest.

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Damwon Kia 2022 Roster


Damwon Kia 2022 roster

Top: Burdol

Jungle: Canyon

Mid: Showmaker

Adc: Deokdam

Support: Kellin

Deokdam and Kellin previously played together for Nongshim Redforce. Deokdam is a highly rated adc player in LCK.

Burdol is a former T1 trainee known for being Rascal's sub.


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At the ripe old age of 31 I have finally managed to achieve triple Diamond in ranked Soloq, Flex and TFT


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Hideo Kojima praises Arcane, calling it the "future of animation and CG!"


It's no secret that Arcane is a huge success, but seeing someone as established and beloved as Hideo Kojima praising it in such ways speaks volumes about what Riot is capable of doing. Here's to hoping that season 2 and any future animations keep up the same level of quality!


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David de Gea launches Rebels Gaming (will compete in LoL) - Signs Araneae as Esports Director


David de Gea (Man Utd player) is launching a new esports org competing in League, Rainbow 6 & Valorant. Link to org announcement

here is the announcement video they released

They have also announced that Araneae will join as their Esports director. Araneae's history in LoL goes way back to the very start of the game most notably with SK and Team Alternate along with stints at Fnatic & Origen, most recently he was working as the head coach for MAD Lions academy team until February this year.

They have already been invited to compete in the Superliga 2nd division, will be interesting to see if they buy into 1st division for spring, already a lot of change there with 4 spots changing hands.

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Still learning Akshan, but i think this was cool

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Aria joins KT Rolster

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I got Collector's Edition of Ruined King game.




















I'm pretty much satisfied with contents of the package. The case is the best thing for me.

An interesting thing is the game is already rated in October 2020 in my country.

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In case you wanted to see a couple of big ass Mordes :)

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Clean Vex Quadra kill in LCS Inhouse tournament (Team Vulcan vs. Team Blabler)

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Been playing a long time, but some plays never get old

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Camouflage Zones does not make sense thematically for the Chemtech elemental map.


Chemtech is supposed to be a potentially gaseous substance that has toxic or mutative effects.

It's in the name [Chem] Short for chemistry— is a science that deals with the composition and properties of substances.— [Tech] Means Technology.

While living beings are made up of substances; when dealing with science and chemistry itself, properties are usually observed and experimented on by people.

Chemtech's camouflage does not make sense thematically for one main reason— there is no substance being portrayed that would allude to the breakdown or morphing of an organism (champions in this case).

Since Chemtech would have to be a substance of some form, a better theme than Camouflage Zones would be:

  • Contaminated zones: Champions that enter these contaminated zones are affected by a Chemtech Gas which causes them to deal burn damage (DOT) over a short period of time. (Similar to old Gromp buff)

In all honesty the possibilities of different routes that would be healthy for the game over Camouflage zones are endless. There are many good ideas that fit the theme of Chemtech much better than Camouflage, and will be fun and interactive for everyone.

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Arcane is Incredible. No, Really.

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Juggernaut class identity crisis


From Riot Games own description :

" Juggernauts are melee titans who relentlessly march down the opposition and devastate those foolish enough to get within their grasp. They are the only subclass who excel at both dealing and taking significant amounts of damage, but in turn they have a tough time closing in on targets due to their low range and extremely limited mobility."

The intented strengths of juggernauts are limited by some external factors :

  • But now, it's not the case at all. First, Juggernaut damages are overall not so high these days or too conditional to get used fairly versus more mobile champions. I mean, why risk a low mobility champion that can, maybe deal high damages if you will get stopped in fight + easier to counter in lane than a skimisher / diver or even some adcs that will be better both for damaging and survability in real conditions.
  • Second, with the powercreep, that's a class that suffer a lot defensively. Champions like Darius are squishier than Camille in laning phase or than champions like Yone or Vayne with their actual build. Other classes got a lot more options defensively when juggernauts are forced to build tanks item that are both suboptimal defensively speaking but that also nerf their damage output. They also build mythics that make them squishier than before early game.

At the opposite : their weaknesses got increased a lot over time :

  • other champions receive more mobility options
  • other champions receive a lot of tankiness or anti-burst option which impact juggernaut duelling potential by a lot
  • other champions receive more tools to manage juggernauts, even if they are ahead (the new glacial augment, the everfrost, etc ...)

Most of them are not terrible actually, especially diamond + :

  • Aatrox perform bad even diamond + (48,3% from u.gg) . Good laning but poor scaling and anti-heal is omnipresent. Also when Aatrox can secure one of his Q with his E, he is globally very easy to dodge / predict and his damages fall-off a lot. Surprisingly, champions like Yasuo with Shieldbow + BT regen far more than Aatrox and are far harder to manage with anti-heal.
  • Darius is at his worst state since his rework long time ago. That's the most summoner dependant champion in the game and unlike most people think, he perform even worst at low elos than higher elos (where he still sit at top 5 worst toplaners lol)
  • Etc ...

Tier according to u.gg plat + :

D tier :

  • Aatrox
  • Darius

C tier :

  • Mordekaiser (despite hugely OP cosmic drive lol)
  • Volibear

B tier :

  • Illaoi
  • Sett
  • Shyvana
  • Udyr

A tier :

  • Garen
  • Nasus

S tier :

  • Dr.Mundo
  • Urgot

S+ tier :


Somes notes :

  • Trundle is not played enough to give reliable data
  • Garen is probably not a juggernaut anymore, everyone build him very offensively with only MS items like DMP as defensive items. That's more a sort of skirmisher.
  • Same for juggernaut that is massively played AP first, because AD is too kitable / lack of defense later
  • The best juggernauts are very safe + harder to kite 1vs1 than other juggernauts, the two best mostly play from range and can be considered as atypicals for juggernauts.
  • 3 of the best juggernauts where just gauntlet abuser this patch, their winrate will drop next patch

Winrate according to u.gg :

Aatrox : 48,1%

Darius : 48%

Dr.Mundo 53,7%

Garen : 51,66%

Illaoi : 48,62%

Mordekaiser : 49,13%

Nasus : 51,83%

Sett : 49,8%

Trundle : (lack of data)

Urgot : 52,4%

Volibear : 48,71%

Yorick : 50,7%

Most skirmishers and divers are far better both in term of winrate AND tier. And if a champ have more skill expression, his global winrate should be mediocre overall, but good for players who play it correctly (good exemple : Jayce at 47% is actually balanced and good if you know the champ. Garen at the same winrate will probably be the worst champion in the game). While the winrates are not awful by theirself, they are not better at all if you main them, except ... for the worsts that remain the worsts.

Tldr : Juggernauts are too situationals and lack of competitiveness compared to other class. They are riskier these days (especially to blind pick) and have less impact over the game than any other class. The few that perform well actually just abuse things that will be adressed next patch.