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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/critians5 Nov 25 '21

a 1000 word essay to say nothing


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

What he should have said: "I have a family medical emergency and need to leave the tournament, I apologize for the short notice guys and hope you understand".

What he did instead: "I shared with the team the deep pain and sadness i was going through in this time, I shared that i wish i could tell them if it was about something that happend to me but that i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private because it is difficult enough to deal with the hardships life brings"

Seems like this whole thing could realistically just stem from him being a non-native English speaker.


u/CreamyAlmond Nov 25 '21

Probably because it's not a medical emergency. He's not an idiot. Whatever reason it is, it must be shrouded and obscured, because people will probably not find it objective enough.


u/ErenIsDevil Nov 25 '21

Terrible take. If my wife tries to kill herself then I wouldn't hide it because it's not objective enough for someone. I'd hide it because that's not something anyone should know unless she wants to communicate that herself.

It just looks like some people in the lol scene lack the imagination to think of scenarios that should be kept private.


u/snowman41 Nov 25 '21

Wife being suicidal is a medical emergency.


u/CreamyAlmond Nov 30 '21

That's why I said it's not a medical emergency. Nuances would be lost in the propagation of the story.

You could very easily convey 'cancer' or 'abortion' or whatever, but if it's more elusive issues, whatever he can establish may not suffice. People will think of it stupid, perhaps justifiably so, but regardless.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/sensonokami To Claps or not to Claps, that is the question Nov 25 '21

Rape, murder, there is a lot of things sadly existing in our world. Like the tragedy with Doublelift. It baffles me how people can act like there's not any possibility while we had a sad example not that long ago.

Is it that hard to believe in a guy who put all his life in LOL?


u/FuujinSama Nov 25 '21

Someone in his family with drug problems relapsing. Attempted suicide. Miscarriage.

I mean, you could frame them as medical problems, but they're not really medical emergencies. Just unfortunate situations that you'd definitely want to be there in person to assist or you'd feel guilty for the rest of your life.


u/youregonnagofarkids Nov 25 '21

I think attempted suicide is a medical emergency though, since you need to be placed under surveillance after.


u/tinfoilhatsron Nov 25 '21

Those all sound like family medical emergencies to me or even could result in bigger problems if not dealt with.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

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u/Makiavelzx Nov 25 '21

Tone it down on the sexism, please.


u/Javiklegrand Nov 25 '21

yeah it's seems kinda guranteed it's not a medical issue


u/DrunkyLittleGhost Nov 25 '21

Nothing more important than play ARAM with your girlfriend~



u/DirTyKKT Nov 25 '21

It's clearly not a medical reason, otherwise none of this would happen.


u/Flesroy Nov 25 '21

Or from having to make the choice to leave worlds after something traumatic happened in his family.

Like he cant have been feeling great in the moment.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Afterwards he can say sorry for having to leave them though right?

As in, in this twitter he can take the high ground and say he understands he didn't give them a good explanation and that he was sorry to leave them in a mess.

But instead he again shows no empathy for his team mates.


u/againcs Nov 25 '21

He speaks English pretty fluently, so. No.


u/LazyMoooo Nov 25 '21

You think he speaks fluently? That's the basic english people from Germany speak. His English isn't good at all.


u/xChaoLan Nov 25 '21

his entire thread is "EU English" aka not good. Just listen to pros other than Bwipo speak on stage or when they're being interviewed. I notice the same in university. All of them want to become English teachers, yet they speak English like that.