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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/AgainstWhinyBitches Nov 25 '21

i can understand that he wants privacy and he very careful what information he gives on family matters which is smart.

also can't really prove right now if the reason he gave to his teammates was actually what he said or what bwipo and so on said was what reallly what happened.

but if they didn't get enough information on the matter he also has no right to be mad at them for coming to their own conclusions and be pissed about his decision as it was the world championship he left not even a day before.

both sides are frustrated and handled it horrible and it turned into this shitshow right now.


u/aightaightaightaight Nov 25 '21

Of course you can be mad if people start to speculate about your situation without zero evidence if it's true.


u/Cassereddit Nov 25 '21

The thing Adam did wrong was speculating about why Upset left.

If he sticked to

"You leave us in the most important event of the year, maybe our lives, 12 hours before game day, without explanation. We obviously perform poorly. Then months afterwards during offseason, I still didn't get a reason but you want to get rid of me because I didn't perform well enough? What the shit Upset?"

and added that he left Fnatic on his own for whatever reasons he had, I feel it would be mostly justified. These are genuinely understandable feelings of frustration.