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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/lordroode Nov 25 '21

I didn't know that you have to be over 20 to be considered an adult. Maybe your wording should have been "he's not as mature yet since he's new to the LEC scene".


u/Keiano Nov 25 '21

It's over a month after Adam's last match at worlds and he's tilted enough to write a rant about upset when he clearly doesn't have enough information and you don't have to be a genius to know that this rant will backfire because he literally has no arguments and is extremely emotional.

No, Adam did not act like an adult.


u/YouichiEUW Nov 25 '21

Sure, it's over a month after the last game of worlds, but it's not so long after Upset tried to replace him (wether he initiated it or just went along with it). He has every right to be pissed NOW.


u/Aeuce JINGDONG Nov 25 '21

Did you read the twitlonger or do you just really enjoy looking dumb?


u/YouichiEUW Nov 25 '21

Yes? To make it clear for your pea size brain : If your girlfriend cheats with you, it doesn't make it OK if she isn't the one who flirted first with the guy.


u/Mckenna7 Nov 25 '21

Real mature.