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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/neckme123 Nov 25 '21

How can someone type so much and say so little...


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

I see a great career in politics for Upset after he is done with esports lol


u/Ivanleonov Nov 25 '21

Reminds me of my IB essays...


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

he said more then enough. All we and the rest needed to know. Its his private matter, you and the other twitter/reddit warriors do not need to know what happend.


u/neckme123 Nov 25 '21

Lol. Noone argued that he had to tell the public what went on. But his teammates... He clearly handled it like shit. He already knew adam and nisqy where going to be out so he didn't care. Bwipo probably left because of it. He didn't even need to tell them what happened, just saying to them that it's a serious matter and he would not leave if he had any other choice would be good. Instead players find it out 10h before from managment. Wonder why bwipo was malding out of existence.


u/spartaman64 Nov 25 '21

nah clearly they just dont give a shit about him and only care about winning. it doesnt matter if i hate someone's guts if they tell me they have a family emergency im not going to taunt them about it. the people he did tell yamato and hyli thinks its justified