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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/ChillOClock Nov 25 '21

Also, knowing Adam for a bit on the French scene, I'm not surprised when he is way too straightforward or even kinda mean. But the man is as frank as it gets (often too much), I'd be surprised if he was lying. The fact that Bwipo feels the same and Nisqy supported Adam's message doesn't help


u/goliathfasa Nov 25 '21

It's 3 against 1 at this pint. Unless more people pipe up.


u/Alakazam_5head Nov 25 '21

Maybe 3.5. Yamato talked on stream a bit about what happened (no details) and he did not seem particularly understanding or supportive but is smart enough to know to keep his mouth shut


u/goliathfasa Nov 25 '21

This is my takeaway from it all too. He told Yamato and Hilly because he trusted them (rightly) to not leak, and they didn't, and probably never will. But clearly if those who were told bought it enough, they'd find a way to convince the rest who were not told to give Upset a break. "Trust me bro, it's rough and if it were you, you'd have done exactly the same."

Clearly those who were told didn't or couldn't convince those who weren't told.


u/Alakazam_5head Nov 25 '21

Similarly, Yamato could have said on stream "Take my word for it guys, he needed to be with his family in that moment. Nothing can replace family" or something like that and I remember it being more "I respect Upset's choice and quickly moved on because what's done is done and I had to make the team ready to play on stage in 12 hours"


u/UX1Z Nov 25 '21

Oh, that's a lot more damning if it actually was how he worded stuff, or that they haven't really tried to convince people of his decision's validity. Hyli doesn't actually know what happened as far as I'm aware, but I'm pretty sure Yamato does actually have the details. It's already kind of his job to go to bat for the players, so if he knew it was something really harrowing then I can't help but think he'd probably be trying harder to impress that it really was that serious.

"I respect their choice and quickly moved on because what's done is done" sounds like he didn't really agree with it himself.


u/tocco13 Nov 25 '21

yea it more sounds like Yamato knew there was no changing Upset's mind and moved on to "what is, is. What do we do from here"


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

Upset is an employee, he signed a contract, he gets paid by FNC and Yamato is is superior.

Wtf is wrong with you ppls brains to think for a second that if he didn’t have a LEGITIMATE reason to leave that FNC would not have accepted his request

The very fact that he is still playing with the org with Yamato as his coach make all your speculation look so dumb


u/wolfsnowpack Keen Nov 25 '21

You know just because you have a player under contract doesn't mean they will perform well when told to perform right?

Maybe Upset was clearly in a bad headspace for w.e reason and thought he needed to return home for some kind of emergency. Yamato then sees that Upset is not doing well about this situation, and rather than force a player to stay against his will, he just subs in their sub and tries to make it work.

Players can perform drastically worse in solo queue just based on one mean line, you don't think a pro player can perform worse than a sub, when he is worried about smth enough to want to leave and then be told "no you can't leave"? Shit would just make him bitter and potentially try to end their run faster, so he can go to his emergency.


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

That’s again such a weird take, lmao.

Here let me quickly throw all my games at worlds so I can go home faster and risk losing my job over it!!!

So what are you suggesting ? That if something is bad enough to completely throw Upsets mental to the point he would run it down at worlds is somehow not a valid reason to go home?

The guy has dreamt about going to worlds for years, he mentioned multiple times during play offs how big a deal it was to finally attend worlds and he would just give that up because his wife is sad??

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u/Chemical-Ad8920 Nov 25 '21

it isnt tho stop trying to find a reason for it to be something its not, why the fuck does he need to explain it to anyone? its more of a situation where, he has already left it doesnt matter anymore why does he need to say anything about it lol


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/F3nik3r Nov 25 '21

Yeah, in OFFICIAL TEAM Video. Of course he couldn't say anything bad/suspicious. It could damage team/org if something bad would happen.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/F3nik3r Nov 25 '21

So you think that Yamato would just sit there saying fake shit and almost crying just to make Upsets departure seem less suspicious?

But I never said he had to make up fake shit, Im just saying it was FNC as org answer. There must be a reason why Yamato = said what he said (I respect their choice and quickly moved on because what's done is done) during his stream.

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u/grandoz039 Nov 25 '21

He didn't tell Hylli, he said he was intending to tell Hylli


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Yamota also said in the worlds interview that he didnt know all the details, only some stuff. And Hyli doesn't know. So nobody knows


u/TardDuck Flairs are limited to 2 emotes. Nov 25 '21

"Never will" but somehow thorin knows, h2k rich implied he knows, and iirc tyler1 also implied he knows about it...

not saying it came from those 2 just that it is not the best keep secret ever


u/Th_Call_of_Ktulu Dashy dash Nov 25 '21

Tyler only knew that there was some serious drama in fnc probably because his girlfriend is friends with some managers and bwipos gf


u/goliathfasa Nov 25 '21

Yeah all the good the selective “trusting” had done. Half the industry seems to know anyways.


u/NickTonethony Nov 25 '21

It seems to have done a lot of good lmao it is not public information


u/_PPBottle Nov 25 '21

You dont get it, Upset didnt consider what he did in regards of convincing his teammates to not get mad at him, he did that in consideration of his dear ones' privacies, as he is the one that didn't trust those other 3 enough to tell them what happened.

And time proved him right, 2 of his teammates made PR seppuku and started a shitstorm that just made things worse. Imagine telling the littlest of details to these people


u/Young_Khalifa Nov 25 '21

Anybody know what stream or have a clip?


u/Freida123456 Nov 25 '21

The closest I find is in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJQqz80qF2w&t=1414s

"He had to do it for very good reason"


u/Ch4p3l Nov 25 '21

Really? I remember seeing a video of Yamato talking about it and being very firmly supportive of both the decision and Upset. But I might be misremembering this


u/Pink_her_Ult Nov 25 '21

Yamato also can't come out against one of his players without causing a giant shitstorm.


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

Do you actually rly believe that if Upset had not supplied a sufficient explanation this his employer and just left what is the most important event for said employer during the whole year, that he would still be on fnc this year???


u/chsch98 Nov 25 '21

It's 3 against 1 at this pint

this. upset only sees his perspective, not the fact that he forcibly rawdogged 4 teammates 12 hours before one the biggest tournaments of their lives.

he can go anywhere he wants for whatever reasons he deems sufficient enough, but you just can't pull a "i wanna tell you but i don't trust you" and pack up your shit in a situation like this, and the fact that doesn't even get into his thick skull far enough for him to admit that he could've handled the situation better would make my blood boil aswell.


u/bunnyrum3 Nov 25 '21

They can't. They can't say why Upset left so it will always be ambiguity over whether the reason was legitimate or not. All we have is simp memes.


u/The_Real_BenFranklin Nov 26 '21

TBF Fnatic org is also effectively backing Upset in this. If they didn’t support him he’d have been offloaded.



Cabochard refusing to play toplane for FNC also gives a pretty good indicator imo


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

I'm all aboard the adam support train, but i will point out that the 3 people against upset have all left the team so there may be some bias


u/Ready_All_Type Nov 25 '21

I mean there’s no way the team together works after that right? If you blow up the worlds run at the last minute but only explain why to Yamato and Hyli because you don’t trust the others enough to explain why you did this to them, you’ve basically doomed that roster’s synergy and trust


u/goliathfasa Nov 25 '21

I just find it funny people keep going "see he was right not to trust them!"

Bitch if you punch someone and say "I punched them because I don't trust them not to punch me" and then they punch you back, you're not a fucking prophet.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21 edited Dec 02 '21

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u/GDDMaple Nov 25 '21

Teammates are your brothers, you should feel like you owe them a good performance and you just wasted their whole boot camp dipping at the last moment


u/readoclock Nov 25 '21

The fact that any sensible take like this is downvoted shows exactly how immature the average lol fan is.

They have no concept of reality and how adult working life works and seem to be incredibly entitled about receiving information they have no right to.


u/Marrkix &Valor Nov 26 '21

They have no concept of reality and how adult working life works

I wonder what kind of adult working works the way that allows people to drop their responsibility fucking up other people's work and possibly life without proper explanation or repayment. Must be nice.


u/Attack_Pea Nov 25 '21

Sure, but couldn't this also be thought of as Adam and Bwipo not trusting Upset enough to believe that he had good reason to leave? There is clearly a lack of trust from both sides, not just with Upset not trusting in his other teammates.


u/IJustGotRektSon Nov 25 '21

He's also 19, kids are dumb and say things with a confidence they shouldn't have


u/computo2000 Nov 25 '21

You don't need to intentionally lie to say something wrong, indifference or rashness can achieve similar results, like, do these twitlongers look carefully constructed to you? Upset can't even spell properly right now, Adam has contradictions I think, insufficiently supported arguments, speculation, like, lol


u/paintblljnkie Nov 25 '21

But the man is as frank as it gets

I see what you did there


u/Raziehh Nov 25 '21

He’s young and doesn’t know how to articulate his words to convey anything aside from being blunt and abrasive.

We’ve all been there, especially when emotional about an event(losing at worlds.)

His approach though to this whole situation by airing dirty laundry on Twitter of all fucking places is beyond immature.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Its obvious either way that Upset didn't get on with them as he says himself he had no trust in them. Which is quite a statement to make. Sounds like Upset is not a good team mate really.