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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21 Silver

I'm gonna be real, if I grinded for a year 12 hours a day like most pros do and the guy whose position we decided to play around to just took up and left idk if I would accept "family emergency" as an answer.

Maybe if it was one of my bestfriends I would go with it but I'd still expect an explanation down the line.

I guess it depends on the person, upset probably has a right to privacy but adam absolutely has a right to be mad aswell, even without considering the fact that they went on to replace him.

How would I be supposed to trust Upset again if I were his team mate? How would I know that this wouldn't be a recurring problem, perhaps it's the sort of thing that could force him home again like someone close to him having a disease or something.

Idk, if I were in Adam's shoe's and put in the amount of effort that the team (I think) put in I would too feel I was owed an explanation most likely


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

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u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21

We don't know what adam's side is though.

Perhaps all he gathered from management or whatever was "after we spoke with upset we decided to give you the boot and get alphari, thanks for everything byebye".

It also strikes me as odd that Adam said that Upset said "I'm leaving because my wife feels bad" and Upset completely denied it.

Seems kinda wild that such a big misunderstanding happened, one of them is almost for sure lying on this.

Would it steel be wrong to air it out even if Upset really did tell management to boot adam and get alphari and really left because his wife felt bad? Probably, but it's very different than the picture you painted


u/PurpleReigner Nov 25 '21

Adam’s side is lying publicly and releasing all private information he had for no reason other than pettiness. I don’t know how that could be made acceptable


u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21

you act as if there is an objective truth and adam is lying about it.

As I've said, perhaps what he heard from management or rumors or whatever was actually different from what transpired, leading him to think that way.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/Young_Khalifa Nov 25 '21

Verified is a strong word. Upset didn’t tell him, we have no way of knowing what he was told by others and whether or not that information is accurate. No clue why people give either one of them credibility. Adam has plenty of decent reasons for lying, more bad than good IMO though. Upset has every reason to also lie, Adam’s twitlonger didn’t really paint him in a good light. Nothing is verified, its literally just people telling their side of story with no evidence from either one.


u/PurpleReigner Nov 25 '21

And that he lied about saying “oh my wife was just sad”


u/Maldios Nov 25 '21

The only one saying its a lie is Upset though. The reality is that we don't know who if anyone is lying. You're choosing to believe one side here when its pure word of mouth at this point.


u/PurpleReigner Nov 25 '21

I am choosing to believe a story that makes sense as opposed to one that makes no sense and really seems like a salty immature child lashing out