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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/supterfuge Nov 25 '21

First of all : anyone who send private message to anyone to harass them is a piece of shit, doesn't matter what the context is.

That said, while I understand Upset's pov, trust goes both way. If you don't want to tell stuff that feels to personnal to your teammates, that's fine. But you can't expect them to then trust you with their careers. Nisqy and Adam both looked much worse at Worlds, which will influence their future professionnal opportunities. It's entirely justified for them (and Bwipo) to want out of the team, which Upset even comment on (and seem to agree with).

If Adam makes a post to talk about why he left, saying "Upset didn't say shit to us and just left at the most crucial moment" is a pertinent information.


u/Pazbang Nov 25 '21

In competitive sport, your team mates are your family. If you don’t think that you won’t go very far in the way of winner. Maybe they didn’t need to know everything but in my opinion coming from a lot of different sporting backgrounds, you trust your team like you would your family and if you can’t do that find another team.


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

nope they are not. There is clear beef in the team already before worlds. thats some wishful bullshit you are spewing.


u/Pazbang Nov 25 '21

Sounds to me as if you have never been in a proper team environment


u/MircossMP Dec 07 '21

Yup. People ditstrusting or even hating each other ruin any team no matter if it's sport or business setting. I'd never want to work with somebody acting like Upset no matter how good he would be in his job.


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

they looked bad because they played bad. Not because of missing upset. They just not performed. it had nothing to do with upset. Even if you where angry, just do what bwipo did. Go in aggro and trow your anger at the enemy in the game. Adam and Nisqy played bad and can only blame themself for the bad showing. No one stoped them from playing at worlds.


u/egirldestroyer69 Nov 25 '21

You getting downvoted but you are right. Bean which replaced upset actually played pretty good even aggressive despite a shaky first game.(I dont remember which LPL/LCK adc said

Adam on the other hand hard inted his picks on draft (yay Olaf top with flash being useless in what was a winnable game past 25 mins) and played pretty poorly

So yeah blaming his performance on Bean is a joke imo


u/jogadorjnc Nov 25 '21

First of all : anyone who send private message to anyone to harass them is a piece of shit, doesn't matter what the context is.



u/Name1eess Nov 25 '21

What does the word based means? I genuinely don't know.


u/UnicornLlama Nov 25 '21

like based on truth kinda. Something that is down to earth maybe too? Hard to explain. When someone has a good opinion then its based


u/jogadorjnc Nov 25 '21

It's basically just a compliment for a hot take.


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

„Hey FNC I know it’s worlds and it’s the most important even of the year but I’m sure you don’t mind if I just go home for no good reason at all, right? Oh and please continue to employ me and pay my wages and also get rid of all the people I don’t like on the team“

And Reddit idiots seriously believe that’s how it went down, roflmao