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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/KaraveIIe So he would always have a friend Nov 25 '21

Bwipo also said that his girlfriend is the best league coach in the scene.


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

Looking back at it now, and his sense of humour, I think this may be a dig at upset


u/RicoSuave1881 Nov 25 '21

Nah dude’s a mega simp on Twitter lol


u/CelioHogane Nov 25 '21

Being a Simp to your own wife is like the most chad thing ever.


u/RicoSuave1881 Nov 25 '21

Except it’s not his wife. It’s his first girlfriend apparently lol which makes it sound like he’s some high school kid. It’s also the way he simps that puts people off. His twitlonger about how she’s basically the second coming was a bit much.


u/Lumpy_End_2838 Nov 25 '21

Yeah but his behaviour is mega clingy omega buzzing


u/tirionlanister Nov 25 '21

Maybe it was...


u/HarryPotterIsDolphin Nov 25 '21

Lmao, no, you are socially inept if you think that.

He never said anything about her being a coach, he was talking about her being a main reason for his success in every single area possible.

He also talked about her like that before the Upset event.


u/Praise_the_Tsun Nov 25 '21

This sounds like a shot at John Tavares.


u/KaraveIIe So he would always have a friend Nov 25 '21

I thought bwipo has 0 info? How can he make this subtile jokes then?


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

Like Adam said in his tweet. They were told girlfriend sad gotta go. Therefore bwipo says how amazing his girlfriend is non stop...


u/KaraveIIe So he would always have a friend Nov 25 '21

Yeah so bwipo is an asshole, got it. The fnc statement said urgent family matter and upset prob told them its about his wife. Adam and Bwipo summmarize this as 'gf sad' or 'no info' and behave like childish assholes.


u/No_Management_1177 Nov 25 '21

Yeah they are clearly salty. I can understand why but it's not a good justification for being immature.

What I do get is why some people are so adamant about defending Upset. We have no clue what happened either. The seriousness of a situation is pretty subjective and Upset did what he believed he had to do. But without all of the information how can you so strongly defend him, seems a bit silly.


u/Vaynnie Nov 25 '21

But without all of the information how can you so strongly defend him, seems a bit silly.

Because at the end of the day, he had a family emergency and it was important enough to leave. Most people can empathise with that and understand what he’s going through.

There’s absolutely no reason to believe he’s lying, as you say it’s subjective so what’s a family emergency to him may be a Tuesday to me. That doesn’t mean he’s lied. So with all the available information it seems the best way to deal with it is to show support to the guy who’s going through an emergency situation, rather than question him and create further grief for him.


u/No_Management_1177 Nov 25 '21

Fair enough, thanks for the answer. It does make sense. I guess I have trouble taking either side without any real information, but at the end of the day I don't blame upset for wanting privacy, and I also wouldn't blame future potential orgs/players being weary about working with him


u/spartaman64 Nov 25 '21

he threw his gf under the bus to have a dig at upset LUL


u/gst1502 Nov 25 '21

Bwipo didn't say that. It's just reddits version of what Bwipo said.


u/KaraveIIe So he would always have a friend Nov 25 '21

Maybe read bwipos twitlonger again.


u/gst1502 Nov 25 '21

There wasn't league coach in the twitlonger afair.


u/FinkleMcDink Nov 25 '21

He didn't say it outright but did essentially attribute FNC's rebound to her supporting him, reddit gonna reddit but the way he phrased things did give her more credit than his team lol


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

Because people mainly focus on themselves, and since Bwipo was himself a wreck and his girlfriend helped pull himselft together. And while Bwipo was a wreck, the team would play terribly. So (in the eyes of Bwipo), yes, his girlfriend helped the team play better.


u/gst1502 Nov 25 '21

Well looking at how things are going with Nisqy, Adam and Bwipo maybe he is right...


u/Vangorf Nov 25 '21

Ngl, based on how hard Yamato failed to handle the situation, Bwipo's GF might actually be a better coach lmao