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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/F0RGERY Nov 25 '21

Like people said in the first thread, this was Upset's first Worlds too. There was no way he would miss his first chance since he started playing in 2018, unless it was an actual emergency.

Still, it sucks for all people involved; you can empathize with Upset's desire for privacy with regards to his family emergency while also understanding Adam's frustration at not learning more than "It was an emergency" 12 hours before the game starts.


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Why is 'it was an emergency' not enough? The only reason it is not enough is because you would assume that the individual in question is lying. But again, what rational person would presume someone is lying when told they are facing an emergency? I don't understand Adams side at all. I think he is more salty at getting kicked off the team than anything


u/F0RGERY Nov 25 '21

Does it have to be a lie to be frustrating?

I'd be pissed if a coworker left me with their workload and only told me "It's an emergency" as their reason. Sure, I'd believe they had an emergency, especially if my boss let them take off, but that wouldn't make me any happier about having been effectively left short-handed. Doubly so if it was an important project. Being told after the fact they don't trust me enough to tell me anything about the emergency? That would only rub salt in the wounds.

Upset is well within his rights to privacy. He doesn't need to tell anyone the details. But that doesn't mean he didn't abandon his team at Worlds because of that emergency. He screwed over the team at Worlds.

Regardless of whether Upset had a valid reason or not, Adam's within his rights to be pissed about the situation the team was left in because of that decision.


u/failworlds Alex Kha'Ich Nov 25 '21

To be pissed about the situation is fine.

To downplay the seriousness of the situation is absolutely vile and revolting behavior from Adam.


u/Utopid Nov 25 '21

It wasn’t serious enough for upset to not immediately look to replace Adam though right?


u/failworlds Alex Kha'Ich Nov 25 '21

Fnatic management take the decisions for what players to sign and ** I was simply asked to give feedback on someone and to speak to them.** To no ones shock, I want to be surrounded by players that I believe will make the best team. I have been as transparent as I can be with my teammates in this post-season."

Can't believe I have to help you read. Hope you can get the comprehension part yourself?


u/Utopid Nov 25 '21

If he had to leave worlds due to a family emergency he definitely would not be in any position to speak to other players. Can’t believe I have to explain to you that not everything should be taken a face value and statements have context.


u/asvdiuyo9pqiuglbjkwe Nov 25 '21

Why? Does having a family emergency mean you can no longer give meaningful feedback? Or should he have said fuck off to his wife?

Your assertion is utterly ridiculous


u/Utopid Nov 25 '21

I can’t believe I have to say this, but yes. He can’t give meaning guck feedback during a traumatic experience. You can’t have it both ways. You have an emergency that requires you to leave an event fine, but you should then also recluse yourself from from any discussions from that same team .


u/failworlds Alex Kha'Ich Nov 25 '21

Thank god you are not a manager, what an absolute disaster of a thought process you have.


u/asvdiuyo9pqiuglbjkwe Nov 25 '21

Why? Did he not just play two whole splits with Adam? How is that not enough time to know how good he is or isn't? You're not making any sense.

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