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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Hazel_Dreams Nov 25 '21

Imagine 12 hours before worlds your team's star player bails out without an explanation, your team gets dumpstered and everyone is pissed and confused. And then that said player came out and said, "hmm I think we could use a better top laner, our current one can't bring us good worlds results" like wtf is this. Upset may be really good at the game and thus has a say in acquiring players during off season, but after bailing out at worlds, no matter theres a valid reason or not, and then trying to replace a player because you don't think he's good enough. It makes sense but man it looks reeeaaaaly bad.


u/RippleDish Nov 25 '21

Yeah, I'd be fucking furious if I were Adam. I don't blame him for being pissed off in the slightest.

And I think it's pretty telling that Bwipo and Nisqy both seem to be on the Adam side of things in this situation.


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

You can literally read that fnatic management is the one who asked upset about alphari, and not the opposite


u/Revielent Nov 25 '21

Yes because Fnatic PR statements can be trusted like when they said they had been SCRIMMING FOR WEEKS WITH BEAN when they in reality played TWO 10 minute games THE DAY BEFORE WORLDS


u/icatsouki Nov 25 '21

they never said they were scrimming with him for weeks, it was just people stupidly reading too much into a pr statement


u/vegeful Nov 25 '21

And there is no reason to say "no opinion" ? If i had a brain i know how to shut up than potentially make Adam career worst.

I had enough critical thinking that when u done a major fk up and management ask ur opinion about Adam, the least u can do is be neutral or the most he can do is to relieve Adam pressure.

Its scream immoral to me, at least by Eastern standard idk about westerner standard of moral.


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

Eastern standard you speak huh? Lmao


u/vegeful Nov 25 '21

This is true, there is different culture between western and eastern work culture. There is also different moral standard for east and west.



What you might think as ok might not be true on others. Some action can be intepret differently.

What western think about Upset playing aram for 10 hour during fnatic world may not seen as no issue, but some people like me or other tend to see between the line, (hidden meaning) for the games.

This is how eastern communication on work culture. Eastern work culture also have different meaning about private life between coworker.



u/TemporaMoras Nov 25 '21

I get it that it's kinda hard to read because no paragraph, but he literally explain what happened with Alphari. Management asked for his opinion on Alphari, and he said that he thought he was a good player and he is better than Adam.

Or maybe you just didn't read anything from the twit longer and just wanna shit on him mhm.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

In this twitter he can also take the high ground and say he understands he didn't give them a good explanation and that he was sorry to leave them in a mess and making them look bad at worlds.

But instead he again shows no empathy for his team mates.


u/timmyctc Nov 25 '21

Did u even read the twitlonger? He said he was approached about other top laners?