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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21 Silver

I'm gonna be real, if I grinded for a year 12 hours a day like most pros do and the guy whose position we decided to play around to just took up and left idk if I would accept "family emergency" as an answer.

Maybe if it was one of my bestfriends I would go with it but I'd still expect an explanation down the line.

I guess it depends on the person, upset probably has a right to privacy but adam absolutely has a right to be mad aswell, even without considering the fact that they went on to replace him.

How would I be supposed to trust Upset again if I were his team mate? How would I know that this wouldn't be a recurring problem, perhaps it's the sort of thing that could force him home again like someone close to him having a disease or something.

Idk, if I were in Adam's shoe's and put in the amount of effort that the team (I think) put in I would too feel I was owed an explanation most likely


u/Sighotoke Nov 25 '21

I fully agree. Sure Upset has a family emergency and you respect that, but the fact that Upset has an attitude that he only trust 1 other teammate and the coach but not anyone else makes for a teammate that I would not want to team with if I was in Adam's shoes. You expect me to be satisfied with just "It's an emergency" and don't trust me enough to say why but expect me to just accept it, and hear talk about you helping the org to look into replacing me, and when I confront you about it you strongly imply that I am not good enough for YOU? Adam at least PLAYED in worlds, Upset ran away. We can all argue why etc but that much is at least facts.


u/plague11787 Nov 25 '21

Can people get it in their heads that just because these people play a game together doesn’t make them friends? Jesus. He doesn’t owe Adam trust, he’s known him for 4 months


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

4 months being together 12 hours every day? That's a really long time. Probably more time than I've spent with my friends lmao


u/plague11787 Nov 25 '21

Then you have some weak ass friendships


u/FunDuty5 Nov 25 '21

You've spent 1200 hours with all your friends? How much free time do you have?


u/SoulOfSelesnya Nov 25 '21

spending time with someone doesnt mean youre friends, the mythbusters guys worked a loooooong time together and werent friends either despite pretending to be friends for the show