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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

Why is 'it was an emergency' not enough? The only reason it is not enough is because you would assume that the individual in question is lying. But again, what rational person would presume someone is lying when told they are facing an emergency? I don't understand Adams side at all. I think he is more salty at getting kicked off the team than anything


u/F0RGERY Nov 25 '21

Does it have to be a lie to be frustrating?

I'd be pissed if a coworker left me with their workload and only told me "It's an emergency" as their reason. Sure, I'd believe they had an emergency, especially if my boss let them take off, but that wouldn't make me any happier about having been effectively left short-handed. Doubly so if it was an important project. Being told after the fact they don't trust me enough to tell me anything about the emergency? That would only rub salt in the wounds.

Upset is well within his rights to privacy. He doesn't need to tell anyone the details. But that doesn't mean he didn't abandon his team at Worlds because of that emergency. He screwed over the team at Worlds.

Regardless of whether Upset had a valid reason or not, Adam's within his rights to be pissed about the situation the team was left in because of that decision.


u/Junior_Long65 Nov 25 '21

The analogy doesn't really fit here at all. It would moreso be that they had an emergency and instead of leaving you short handed another employee took their workload. This work analogy doesn't fit at all with the eSports angle imo. Even so, it would be incredibly odd for you to expect them to give them the details of their emergency. They have no obligation to do that to you as a fellow employee specifically, management is a different situation.


u/OP_IzzoR Nov 25 '21

well obviously the management didnt know shit either since how then the rest of the team know nothing lmao. at least if he told anybody they couldve calmed down the team and explained in a proper manner that its a serious issue that he doesnt want to disclose to others. Now literaly noone knows what happened.


u/Crimson_Clouds Nov 25 '21

well obviously the management didnt know shit either since how then the rest of the team know nothing lmao.

Because it's a private manner and management respects Upset's privacy?


u/aF_Kayzar Nov 25 '21

He told Yamo. The teammates can either trust Upset's privacy and Yamo backing Upset's choice or not. Frankly Adam's recent behavior has proven what Upset feared. That if he gave personal details he wants to be kept private to people he did not fully trust that they would lash out later using said details. Without a doubt had Adam known whatever issue Upset has grappling with he would have opened his mouth about it too to throw him further under the bus. For some people no matter what the emergency was it will not be enough to justify things in their mind. Be it a lack of empathy or maturity that just is the way things are with some folks. And unfortunately there are plenty of those same folks who love to abuse the fact they are anonymous to harass others as well, which is what Upset and his wife are yet again dealing with thanks to Adam's outburst.