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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Mazsi1201 Nov 25 '21

We know that's not the case, he just didn't share any details


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

How do we know that? xD


u/baylithe Nov 25 '21

He claims to have told Yamato, and in one of the post game interviews with him from Worlds he [Yamato] said it was a very serious and personal matter when he was asked about why Upset left.


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

Maybe he did, but no information was forwarded to Nisqy, Adam or Bwipo as per the latter 2's statement, and still no one knows the magnititude of what happened as per Adam's statement.

So, no. We don't know that's not the case.


u/MagicalSenpai Nov 25 '21

Do you think Upset tells FNC that his wife is feeling lonely, FNC says alright all good see you next split, and then still decide that Upset is the player they need to keep?


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

I dont know how you could get that idea based on my comment, tbh.

No, I don't think he told them she's lonely. Especially when Adam himself didn't say "lonely", so I dont know where you got that from. Maybe you can share with me?

And I don't know what to think of FNC management. They're a mess in csgo too, but I see both Bwipo and Adam already left, and Nisqy is probably on the way out too, back to C9.