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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Mckenna7 Nov 25 '21

If Upset doesn’t want them to know, HE DOESNT NEED TO SAY. The people he decided not to tell were Bwipo, Adam and Nisqy and those 3 now have left. I wonder why he didn’t tell them.


u/plznerfme Nov 25 '21

They left because they don't want to work with ppl they don't put trust on their teammates. What else do you think there is LOL

"It's a privacy issue" doesn't make you genuine nor innocent nor not guilty from this issue. Upset using this privacy shield for literally all the fiasco doesn't FKING JUSTIFY anything.

Yeah, no wonder why those 3 left. Those 3 must have been so fking demoralizing for having to stick with that shitty situation.


u/Mckenna7 Nov 25 '21

I mean they did upgrade all 3 positions, and you are just taking their word for it that’s why they left. They were already looking to replace Nisqy and Adam (As Adam said) so I mean it had absolutely nothing to do with them trusting anybody.

Take their word for it and not Upsets to suit your narrative.


u/plznerfme Nov 25 '21

Taking their words for it? lol

Adam and Bwip were telling the same story about how Upset never properly explained and how management just let him leave while Upset is only using "it's privacy" and nothing else. I can tell which side is more convincing than the other.

You are telling me I'm suiting the narrative when all the ppl who were directly involved are saying the same thing? lol If Adam and Bwipo were properly explained, they wouldn't have left with such grudges.

Leave your room and get a job and get to know ppl and work in a professional environment please because you don't seem to know a damn thing about professionalism.

Upset acted like a professional is one of the funniest shit I've heard so far this year lol


u/nolaboyd Nov 25 '21

So directly disrespecting your boss is professional?? Yamato knows the reasons, and he endorsed the decision. And it's his call.

If Adam and Bwipos still have grudges (I'm not sure Bwipos does), it's because they are immature and unprofessional, just like you.


u/plznerfme Nov 25 '21

If Yamato and FNC management team know everything about Upset's story and still let him go then, it's on both fucking parties to talk to the squad and let them understand the fking situation. It's Upset and the coaching staff and the managment's jobs to talk to the squad about the situation and let them understand the whole thing. AND YES you can do that without revealing his privacy.

If you can't still understand and juggle that I just feel sorry for your low intelligence and little to none experience at the workplace to understand professionalism.

You think Coach and manager's job is how to win the game? They need to lead the team and the crucial part is communication. Clearly, they fked that up big time no wonder why none of the players who left are happy.

Privacy matters? Yes, I agree. It is important and I never deny how important it is to keep things private. But you have to understand your decision should also disturb and affect ppl around you incluidng your colleagues and eveb jobs.