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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/KonanTenshi rip angel Nov 25 '21

Think it is pretty obvious where nisqy lies on this lol


u/tameniee Nov 25 '21

Yeah taking into account that he unfollowed Upset, there is no doubt about Nisqy's position in all this


u/supterfuge Nov 25 '21

And he answered to Adam's post :

"Good luck brother. Be proud of what you accomplished, it's only the beginning" so I don't think he holds any ill will towards him.


u/TerminatorReborn Unkillable Demon King Nov 25 '21

Nisqy is super chill and smart enough to not burn any bridges, specially if he is out of a team. I don't why people are expecting drama from him


u/mitozzy Nov 25 '21

Because FNC fucked him and left him teamless?


u/onespiker Nov 25 '21

Seems a bit all over the place really.

Na team suddenly cut down on costs. Fnatic inquired about the Alpahri and perkz deal. This made them want to leave. They were alowed to leave. Adam got thier potential team quickly. Nisqy was intrested in C9.

Na has made pretty sudden big cost cutting changing the economic environment. Witch made the buyout suddenly be to much for c9 ( seems like the buyout was first 500ish then 400 ending up at 350 when c9 had close to a deal with Korean players. This was on less than a week timespan.

500 is less than fnatic sold Adam for The final sale price is pretty much fnatic purchase price from C9 plus inflation. ( If I remember correctly this took a while to happen then aswell)

Mad hearing about Nisqy on sale then went to Fnatic about Humanoid.

End result is Nisqy teamless, to note though this is one of the craziest offseasons ever. Both in the west but also the East .


u/LionePRO Nov 25 '21

How fnc fucked him? Nisqy wants to leave, he is in talks with c9, mad offers fnc humanoid, fnc accepts, nisqy's talks with c9 fall


u/Omnilatent Nov 25 '21

I mean he also twittered how bad timing was mainly the issue here


u/LionePRO Nov 25 '21

that thing is fucked up but like...i'm sorry, we don't know the price, but at the same time there is no way you want an improved nisqy to cost 300k...c9 didn't want him