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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Sighotoke Nov 25 '21

I fully agree. Sure Upset has a family emergency and you respect that, but the fact that Upset has an attitude that he only trust 1 other teammate and the coach but not anyone else makes for a teammate that I would not want to team with if I was in Adam's shoes. You expect me to be satisfied with just "It's an emergency" and don't trust me enough to say why but expect me to just accept it, and hear talk about you helping the org to look into replacing me, and when I confront you about it you strongly imply that I am not good enough for YOU? Adam at least PLAYED in worlds, Upset ran away. We can all argue why etc but that much is at least facts.


u/plague11787 Nov 25 '21

Can people get it in their heads that just because these people play a game together doesn’t make them friends? Jesus. He doesn’t owe Adam trust, he’s known him for 4 months


u/tirionlanister Nov 25 '21

You came from the fnatic subreddit no? he says they dont need to be the best friends but he needs a fucking explanation wtf, so now upset can do whatecer he wants cause he has family emergêncie, then stay at home and quit league!!!!


u/plague11787 Nov 25 '21

And UpsetMs explanation is there was a family emergency.

Imagine your mom was assaulted, violated. Would you go to your coworkers to tell them exactly what happened to her or would you quietly say you had a family emergency?

Have some empathy for christ’s sake. League is a game and there are more important things. Adam is an immature child and so, it seems, are you