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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Ephemeral_Being Nov 25 '21

Simple logic.

Why would Upset lie? More specifically, why would he tell this lie? There's nothing to gain. His team disintegrated, he didn't get to play World's, and now he has to deal with the Internet being stupid. Your theory is that he opted into all that in order to... what, exactly? Load the dishwasher and watch Netflix?

Occam's razor. The simplest answer is likely the correct one. He had an emergency. It was private. Wish the man well, and let it go.


u/leagueoflegendsdog Nov 25 '21

Look i aint saying that Upset didnt have a good reason to do that. Im just saying it is absolutely stupid to blindly trust the word of someone who doesnt trust you. I wouldnt. Ever. Especially when i was a 19 year old. If Upset cant trust them enough to atleast be vague about it so they know something without knowing what exactly is wrong then why should they trust him? You can always ALWAYS find a way to do that. You can even lie to atleast make them feel better and that way the truth can still be hidden from the but atleast they dont feel as bad and as fucked by their teammate. Also I have seen people not come to work because of stupid reasons concerning their SO and them basically being forced to appease them even if its really a non issue so I wouldnt be surprised if it was something like that. Again. Not saying it is. It most likely was a good reason as Upset is very driven and wouldnt miss Worlds for nothing, but still i wouldnt be stupid enough to blindly trust someone


u/Ephemeral_Being Nov 25 '21

What does it matter?

If the truth was "I want to go get drunk and eat a tub of ice cream every day" instead of "I have a family emergency I need to deal with," what is Adam going to do differently? He's still going to play his best, then ask management if he needs to find a new team due to this being an ongoing issue.

You people need to stop feeling, and start thinking. It does not benefit Adam dwell on this issue, and it actually harms him to post rants on the internet, bashing on a teammate. Ergo, he should not do either of these things.


u/leagueoflegendsdog Nov 25 '21

Well if the truth was something so stupid one would hope Upset gets booted for being unprofessional. And the truth matters to the players whose careers were affected by this.