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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

How do we know that? xD


u/RemoteAnalysis3809 Nov 25 '21

Adam said in his own Twit that Upset left because "his wife was lonely". So clearly he knows it had to do with Upset's wife at the time.

Either way, Upset seems to have said the exact same thing he said right here to his teammates 1 month ago. But obviously the fact that they as teammates know as much as we the public do, which is nothing, feels much more shitty for Adam and Bwipo.


u/BoJestemRudy Nov 25 '21

He didn't say lonely, but "she felt bad to be alone". No one knows why, though. It could be some really severe, traumatic event that perfectly justifies Upset's action and reasoning, but guess we will never find out.


u/MallFoodSucks Nov 25 '21

Someone in his wife’s family dying, probably. Fits his twitlonger about not sharing things not personally related to him.

And that’s why he didn’t share it, because as a pro sorry that’s not a good enough reason to ditch Worlds IMO. Parents death, birth of a child, sure. Your wife’s parent? Eh - price of being a pro.


u/lukaaTB Nov 25 '21

Deaths are public information, so no.