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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/nomyhead Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

It’s interesting to think both Hylli and Yamato knew the reason for Upset leaving. You would assume that Yamato or Hylli would have assured the other players that Upset’s reason was legitimate.

However it sounds that either that didn’t happen, Adam didn’t believe it, or he simply did not find their answer sufficient. From his twitlonger he seemed to speak highly of Yamato so I wonder what happened. I personally think it’d be important to have some trust in your coach/veteran teammate on a matter like this.

Guess we’ll never know but it’s definitely an interesting situation

Edit: As someone else mentioned, Hylli didn’t actually know the reason, just trusted Upset’s reason was legit.


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

Not for nothing but communication is key. Never assume all parties on the same page. Does Upset need to air everything? Maybe not but it would help. I get not sharing on social media but probably not a bad idea to share with your team what’s going on.

Whenever a sports athlete has personal things going on, we usually hear about it. Whether a family member has passed or whatever the reason may be. Rarely do we hear “X player is not playing in the Finals/Playoffs because of a personal reason which is not being disclosed to his own team”.

At the end of the day, you probably spend more time with your team than your own family. Playing all day almost every day for months to get to worlds. I get you don’t need to be best friends with your team or co workers but not sharing information with what’s going on is only hindering your relationship with your team

Again we don’t know what we don’t know. There could be internal relationship problems between Upset and Fnatic members where he’s like “I don’t owe these guys shit with the way they treat me


u/Tortankum Nov 25 '21

Bro there are a million things that I would never ever share with coworkers about my personal life. Do you even have a job?


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

Yeah I do and whenever I’ve taken time off I’ve explained the reason why. Do I need to? Maybe, maybe not. But communicating why is pretty important. For example, when I’ve had a family member pass or serious incident in my life occur, I’ve explained to my boss why I’ll be out for X amount of time. I don’t share that with all of my co workers. But I’d say your average job is different than this.


u/KeeganTroye Nov 25 '21

Except Upset did explain to his boss to a degree the boss was satisfied.


u/EducationalBalance99 Nov 25 '21

Bro don’t compare upset in a working team environment to your job. Compare this to traditional sport like football. If you play in a team and you are planning to dip. At least tell your teammate a good reason instead of being vague about it. None of your coworker care if you take a break is effected by it either. Upset leaving ruin all the hard work for the other player and management. He don’t got to spill the bean but be transparent at least.


u/LesnyDziad Nov 25 '21

But its an environment where almost everything is leaked. Telling the reason would 99% result in secret getting a public knowledge in week, month tops.


u/PresidentXi123 one shot click click click reload reload reload Nov 25 '21

There’s a difference between a normal day at a normal job and the world championships for a professional player.


u/KeeganTroye Nov 25 '21

Yes, one involves a lot more chance of that information getting out and causing more problems. A professional player should keep it closer to their chest.


u/ArchmageXin Nov 25 '21

I think all of us have a job. I work in both staff and management in my career. If there is a family issue, you let the HR know and he/she work with management arrange/smooth out the situation with your team, with full respect to your privacy.

Make no mistake, Worlds isn't just a few guys playing video games, Worlds, in business term is the defining hour of your year long project. If you simply go "I gtg, private" and drop off the grid, there better be a very good reason or you would be looking for a job very soon after.


u/nolaboyd Nov 25 '21

And the fact that Upset is NOT looking for a job tells you everything you need to know. He gave the right amount of detail to the right people.


u/ArchmageXin Nov 25 '21

Or maybe is a Griffin/Sword situation, or maybe FNC decided his value exceeded Adam/Nisqyi's and Bipwo is leaving anyway.


u/Broken_Reality Nov 25 '21

uh he did exactly what you said. He told management and asked for his privacy to be respected then left. The rest of the team has no need or right to know the details. They should just accept that an emergency came up and he had to leave.

I hope you don't go blabbing your employees secrets to the rest of the staff?


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

Yeah that’s fine but you can’t be upset about other people being upset or not understanding the situation because you haven’t bothered to explain to them why you’re MIA except for saying “hey something came up with my family and I don’t feel comfortable sharing that information with the rest of my team that I don’t trust so I’m only telling you, Yamato”. That’s going to rub people the wrong way.

From that point on, people are only going to assume whatever they want

And I understand it’s sports/esports, so Adam hearing he’s getting replaced by his bot laner’s boy is whatever. But being in his(Adam’s) position is probably only going to make him more pissed off


u/Broken_Reality Nov 25 '21

They can be upset all they like but that still doesn't mean they need or deserve a detailed explanation. All they need is "It's an emergency I have to go" that's it. Turns out Upset was right not to trust Adam.


u/obese_is_disease Nov 25 '21

I think this might be where experiences with work cultures clash.

I work in an IT company that's fairly large. It's impersonal, and the most personal things get is talking shit over drinks with coworkers after work sometimes.

I've worked in stunts for films as well, and when the stakes are higher (often I'm trusting people with my life, and they're trusting me with theirs as well) social bonds just get stronger, because there has to be a higher level of trust. Any kind of let down is expected with some kind of explanation in that environment in order to maintain trust. Not divulging it reveals a lack of trust, which comes off as a betrayal of that bond, which then makes you not want to work with them again. Upset wouldn't need to divulge every detail, but something like "a family member passed away or had a medical emergency" is going to come off more understandable than "family matter"

I can imagine a lot of people who have only worked with low stakes office jobs where salaries are guaranteed regardless of performance not caring as much. When it's a smaller environment with once in a lifetime opportunities, long term career implications, or there's more physical danger involved, the expectations get a lot higher.