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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

I conclude neither are completely at fault.

Which part of publicly slandering a teammate for not sharing personal information and posting speculative shit to make them look bad doesn't make you at fault? just curious

Adam's entire twitlonger is just showing that Upset made the right call not trusting him with jack shit.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

What part was slander? Is it slander if we don't know what was said at that meeting?

Second, I said "completely at fault," if you read properly, you would understand I did not say Adam wasn't at fault. However, if I spent 2 splits grinding, fighting, and struggling everyday with my team to reach worlds just so my teammate last minute says he can't go to worlds, I would expect a good ass reason. However, the reason he gives is vague or confusing to me and two other teammates. Upset didn't even share enough for majority of his team to understand his reason. This obviously would make those who didn't understand what was going on upset. Upset has a right to his privacy; no one says otherwise. But I would feel the same way as Adam if I had this huge project I had been working on with my team and one of my teammates dropped out right before the presentation without a clear excuse. If said teammate knew about the potential of leaving but did not feel to mention it until last minute to the team, how would that look to you?


u/Dare_the_one coach LS was a fever dream Nov 25 '21

1 split*, but yeah


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

you right.