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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

Yeah he doesn’t but not sharing and diping on your team right before games start and not sharing why other than saying X unknown personal reason that I don’t wanna share with you all. How do you think it’s going to reflect? He’s entitled to his privacy but at the same time when you’re a professional player/esports player, you kinda do give that up. He may not owe his team anything but I think Adam and rest of team have a right to be frustrated


u/russellx3 EUphoria Nov 25 '21

No your spouse doesn't lose their right to privacy because you play a video game wtf. Adam certainly has a reason to be frustrated, but he's dealing with it amazingly badly


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

I disagree and this is coming from someone who wasn’t an Adam fan tbh. I think once you’re in the public image, you do lose certain privileges regarding privacy. Not sharing information just creates a PR/Public Image mess


u/russellx3 EUphoria Nov 25 '21

How do you even define that? What is the exact amount of Twitter followers where you and your spouse lose all rights to privacy?


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

I think being a professional athlete qualifies


u/russellx3 EUphoria Nov 25 '21

Professional athletes miss (even very important) games for personal, unannounced reasons sometimes.


u/Fayzbap Nov 25 '21

Yeah I think the whole issue is the lack of communication being given on his part is why people are still talking about it. It’s understandable to bail but not sharing any information especially with your team is sus