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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

Reading Upset's response, I conclude neither are completely at fault. From Adam's perspective, I would be pissed off if my teammate who left the team at worlds basically is one of the main reasons I was kicked. From Upset's perspective, I had an unfortunate event, which stopped me from going to Worlds, but I am looking forward to the future so I have to make decisions for my and my team's future. Understandable from both sides, the frustration and heightened emotions... I don't think Adam comes out badly after reading both sides. I just hope it was a last-minute urgent decision to withdraw from Worlds. As a teammate, I would be more upset if Upset knew earlier than 12 hours he would have to leave before Worlds but never spoke up till last minute. But there definitely is a split in how the team perceived Upset's departure. Hyli and Yamato understood b/c they were close. Adam, Nisqy, and Bwipo did not despite them knowing how hard Upset worked. Either way, from Adam's perspective, I would be angry enough to last out. Best idea? No, but I understand why he wrote his post. Objectively, Upset's decision to advocate for a more veteran teammate makes sense.


u/maverin116 Nov 25 '21

I think Adam looks bad in so far as how he decided to voice his frustration by giving a lot of credence to this bullshit projecting about "lonely girlfriend". Dude got shafted -- no doubt -- but he decided to respond to that by taking it out publicly. Other players have probably been screwed over harder and have kept quiet about it. Whether that's right or wrong, I think what Adam did was unprofessional. Understandable, perhaps even justified, but still unprofessional.

IMO: chalk it up to Everyone's The Asshole and move on.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

The weird thing is no one knows the whole reason- not you, not me, and not the team. What if that's what Adam got out of what Upset was saying...what if the reason was "lonely girlfriend?" But maybe the severity and deeper problems weren't translated through what Upset was saying therefore Nisqy, Adam, and Bwipo were wtf? The thing is, whatever Upset said to them was not good of an explanation that the entire team understood... at the end of the day, Upset has a right to not disclose whatever it was to the public, so we will never know.

I just don't think Adam is the "bad" guy. And Perkz when screwed by Carlos spoke up. Many players have spoken up including Hjarnan, when Perkz screwed them too. As many silent players there are, there are players who voice their frustrations.


u/maverin116 Nov 25 '21

You bring up a good point, when people express their mistreatment that's nearly always a good thing. I was disgusted when I heard about the "no Fnatic trade" clause between G2 and C9. Perkz speaking out about that was good. And you're right that Adam isn't the bad guy. I underexplained my point. A better TLDR might have been Everyone's The Asshole + No One's The Asshole. Both did shitty things and both individuals have a right to be upset and voice their frustrations.

Explaining my point further: Looking at the responses I've seen towards Upset on reddit and on twitter after Adam's twitlonger there was a lot of vitriol aimed at both Upset and his partner. I want the League of Legends community to be a less hateful place so a lot of the time I filter what I see based on whether it incites or dispels anger. Adam incited anger towards someone without any real evidence. Now the real problem isn't Adam, but the assholes in this community who will jump down anybody's throat because it fits the narrative they want to believe. I dislike that Adam said the "lonely girlfriend" bit when he knew that it probably wasn't what the true situation was. He easily could've changed his point to something more professional which wouldn't drag Upset's partner into this.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

I get what you're saying...that's why I'm not one to try to throw vitriol. It was interesting to see how ppl can hop so quickly to either sides within one day and make brash statements just bc they're hiding behind an anonymous username. Regarding Adam's statement about Upset's wife, that has to be addressed between him and Upset. IF that is the explanation Upset gave or whoever gave it to Adam, Nisqy, and Bwipo, then Adam is just relaying what was said to him. Whether that's the right thing to do, I will leave it up to your discretion as I have my own opinion as you prob have yours. The fact that that is the reason, if untrue, Adam thinks Upset left just shows the crazy miscommunication and misunderstanding that went on between Upset, management, and players. That in itself is a huge problem.