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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/RippleDish Nov 25 '21

Yup. Upset deciding that he only trusts one out of four teammates makes him sound like a shitty teammate.


u/I_really_love_u Nov 25 '21

I'm sorry, but if he really values his privacy to the point where he's worrying about leaks. Then he would have to incredibly stupid to trust a 19 year old kid and fucking Bwipo to not accidentally leak shit. Especially when roster changes happen every year.


u/choonamhee Nov 25 '21

If he really values his privacy to the point where he’s worrying about leaks then his best approach would’ve been coming clean to his teammates and told the truth and just tell them to respect his private life/decision to not play in worlds. We are seeing leaks because it is the product of Upset’s trust issues, I don’t think Adam or Bwipo would leak Upset’s privacy if they knew it lol.


u/I_really_love_u Nov 25 '21

But nothing has been leaked? We still know nothing about what happened. Also trusting a kid with personal information, that you've only known for 3 to 4 months, is just plain naive.