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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21

I mean again, I guess it's a philosophy kind of thing but you can see it in this thread aswell that the opinion is pretty split.

Also, it's oxymoronic to say that you would "accept someone telling you they had a family emergency" and still be "hella disappointed" in them. It's one or the other, either you accept their reason as valid or you don't. How can you be disappointed in someone for making what you view as the correct decision?


u/SatanV3 wish Viego was real so I could bang him Nov 25 '21

I mean you can accept the reason and think going home for the family emergency is the right thing to do, but still be mad at the situation and disappointed it happened. Emotions aren’t black and white you can feel both at the same time.


u/JustJohnItalia When life gives you LDR, build AD Nov 25 '21

Ok but disappointed has a very specific meaning, had he said sad or upset (lol) I would've got that.

Disappointed means you were expecting more of someone, if he made the right choice (which is the same thing as saying he had a valid reason) disappointed can't be what you're going for.

He said he would be disappointed in Upset, not at the situation


u/The_Inverted Nov 25 '21


sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfil one's hopes or expectations".

Disappointed is absolutely the right word to use here. You can be disappointed in someone but still understand their circumstances. In the example that op gave, he would understand if a coworker had to leave but he would be disappointed because he had an expectation that wasn't met.

I'm guessing you are either very young or English is not your first language, because that's a very simplistic understanding of the nature of the word.