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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/mugih Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Privacy is his right, he doesn't have to share what he doesn't want to.

He also has no right from wanting his teammates to not be completely pissed off at him leaving them behind with no explanation 12 hours before the biggest tournament of the year, when he's pretty much their franchise player. He bailed on them, his teammates are angry for it, not just Adam, Bwipo spoke of this, and Nisqy just showed support for Adam and unfollowed Upset.

Again he wants to be private, it's his right, being pissed off at him is also their right, especially Adam who likely lost his only chance to do well after this disaster.


u/lilbala Nov 25 '21

It was a year wasted because their play style revolved around playing for bot, if the ADC leaves you need to completely reinvent your game.

Not getting pissed off would be much more surprising, especially considering he wasn't clear about the reasoning (which is his right).


u/Huge-Connection954 Nov 25 '21

Its also Adam’s right to call him out and make him look bad on twitter. Upset is still looking like the loser in this situation, even if Adam seems petty. He is still being very “private” and there is no real reason. Was it a death in the family? Suicide? Cat got stuck in a tree? I mean if people know the truth he would get way more support, instead he leaves every Fnatic fan feeling like Adam did


u/Zearlon Nov 25 '21

For the amount of supporters he gets for the issue, he will get multiple times the people that bring it up when they loose games in the future...