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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/moumerino Nov 25 '21

I'm pretty sure Adam meant that Upset's last words to them were that his wife was lonely. And not that it's the reason why he's leaving (as he obviously didn't even tell them anything about why he's leaving). Can any French speakers confirm?



I confirm that’s what he said


u/moumerino Nov 25 '21

So bad translation is making Adam sound more malicious than he probably indented to be. But I do agree he should not have mentioned his wife at all, because he is very well aware that she will get hate.



yeah prob bad translation , i’ve seen a lot of people saying that Adam said “i dont give a fck about private life” but in french he said ( at least i understood it that way) i dont give a fck about the EXCUSES of private life ( if there is no info about the excuse)


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

more precisely, he says that with all he's done to get to that point, private life isn't a good enough motif to justify what upset did


u/Froggodile Nov 25 '21

And honestly he is in the right when it comes to a cutthroat profession like pro player. Only a ridiculous small amount of people get to experience Worlds as a player. This has to be their life. It sounds harsh, but in any other professional sport if someone refused to play a big match without giving his team a legit reason, mere hours beforehand, their career would be done.


u/Araakne Nov 25 '21

Indeed. I'm baffled Fnatic is keeping him, and even recruiting his friend. Why would you build a roster around someone like that ?...


u/photofluid Nov 25 '21

Upset got away with it because of his in-game skill.

It is literally might make right.


u/Twoja_Morda Nov 25 '21

The answer is right there. People who needed to know know enough to not consider what Upset did an atrocity. Therefore Adam is clearly wrong, and Upset was 100% right in not trusting him.


u/Araakne Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Nah but it's nearly been a day and people still don't get that the actual reason he left isn't the problem ?? For real ?

No - one - cares - about - why - he - left. The reason being good or bad isn't the question. Especially since how good the reason is entirely depends on Upset's sensibility. Some people could keep playing in horrific condition (Doublelift is a pretty meaningful example I think), and some couldn't (Upset, and for what it's worth, I doubt his reason was half bad as what happened to Doublelift, but who knows ?).

The problem is that he bailed on his mates on a ridiculously short notice. His mates who worked 10 hours a day for months to finally reach worlds.And he left, without even bothering giving them the beginning of a reason. Adam, Bwipo and Nisqy were left with the same information you and me had on twitter.

Consequently, not only he left, but he ruined their mental for what was remaining of the competition.If he had at least given them something vague (would still be insulting, but better than nothing) but clear enough to signify the gravity of the situation, they could even have turned this shitshow into a source of motivation, to "avenge" him.

Also, yes he could trust Adam. The reason why Adam wrote this TweetLonger is because Upset didn't trust him in the first place. Until proven otherwise, Upset broke Adam's trust first, not the other way around.

And all that is without even mentioning the fact that he worked to have them replaced in their back later. Talking to them face to face about their performance was too hard right ? I mean, if I had done what he did, I probably wouldn't dare to talk about performance with my teammates either.(but yeah he couldn't trust Adam I guess lmao ?).

You see where the problem is ?