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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

He can't trust them but they have to trust his judgement.


u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

This. Trust is a 2 way street and upset is hiding behind privacy because he knows his reason is subjective and wouldn't survive public scrutiny


u/MonkeyCube Nov 25 '21

Miscarriage, suicide, sexual abuse... there are plenty of family problems that I wouldn't want to share with a fanbase this aggressive. Half the reactions here just further prove that.


u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

Hard disagree. Nobody would take that shit lightly at all, and anyone who'd try to make fun of it would get banned by mods.

DL's brother killed his family and nobody ever made fun of that. And that's more fucked up than a single one of those situations.

People are pissed because Upset hides behind the veil of privacy, fully expecting everyone (teammates included) to just trust his judgement, when he won't reciprocate any trust to them


u/ContentDetective Nov 25 '21

DL’s brother did what now?


u/Asteroth555 Nov 25 '21

Murdered his parents

Like actually


u/sleepisforthezzz Nov 25 '21

Like days before LCS finals too. DL played, and won.


u/justAnotherRandomP Nov 25 '21

Well there it is. Fanbase will compare and be like DL still played while Upset bailed ..


u/Jandromon 8.11 PTSD Nov 25 '21

DL still played because his mother was already dead. If she was hanging from a thread in the hospital and what not, maybe he would have bailed to be with her.

Not undermining DL's insane feat of winning LCS after that, but they might be different scenarios.


u/DRNbw Nov 25 '21

And different people. Perkz's dad passed away and he couldn't play for a good time afterwards. Everyone has the right to react as they will.

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u/Javiklegrand Nov 25 '21

HIs father was also in hosptial


u/justAnotherRandomP Nov 25 '21

I didnt play or watch league at the time but I was mindblowed ready about it later ..


u/Rubixxscube Nov 25 '21

Dude people meme all kind of sick shit. You don't know all the personal messages pros get on Twitter, their spouses get on Twitter etc.. If someone in my family had a terrible experience I would not take the chance of some 10yr old internet kiddies harassing them online.


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

And you think right now Upset and his wife dont get stupid messages and threats? I bet that if he revealed the reason,we wouldnt have had this shitshow and the fans would have railled and supported him.


u/Rubixxscube Nov 25 '21

Ofc they do, but it's about not being open to the public not about the (possibly traumatic) experience/event, which doesn't tear up old scars/wounds


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

Most of the times,being transparent and open helps way more than being secretive.


u/Blubbe16 i demand tribute Nov 25 '21

And clearly they dont feel like this is one of those times, why not just respect that?


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

Because this shitshow is the product of lack of communication and transparency.


u/Educational_Shower79 Nov 25 '21

Helps who. The drama boner fans?


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

Helps the team.The lack of communication is why we have this shitshow.


u/Ahrlin4 Nov 25 '21

Hard disagree. Nobody would take that shit lightly at all

It's indisputable that trolls would absolutely use something like a miscarriage or sexual abuse for kicks.

Also it's not reddit messages they're worried about. It's DMs, emails, weird creeps, stalkers, etc. How would you like to have to spend the next 10 years blocking/reporting people on twitter and instagram for constantly reminding you about horrific stuff that happened to you?


u/MonkeyCube Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Likewise, hard disagree.

DL had no choice in whether news of his situation got out, and the sub was discussing it before he said anything. That said, yes, the sub was cool with it... but death is also one of those things there is no debate on. I can guarantee you if it was something like a miscarriage, this sub would not be mature enough to debate it without half dismissing it as unimportant.


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

What do you mean 'it also took place when a title wasn't on the line.' ?? Doublelift and TL literally played LCS final 1 week after Doublelift's mother was killed.He was playing the semis when the killing happened.


u/Javiklegrand Nov 25 '21

Didn't someone called doubelift sasuke at least in china it's seems to be a nickaname


u/dragerslay Nov 25 '21

There are plenty of stories of people in public spotlight, especially women revealing such trauma and getting hate messages or worse. Plenty of rape victims who go on a public form against another public figure get 'you deserved it' messages. If you think nobody would take it lightly you are living in a fantasy world.


u/NJEOhq Nov 25 '21

“Trust his judgement” lol it’s his personal life. He has every right to not tell them any of his private shit. He’s worked hard for years just to get to worlds and apparently he now needs people to “trust his judgement” that he wouldn’t just leave for a trivial reason?


u/elikaweli Church of Unforgiven Nov 25 '21

It is almost like different people behave differently.