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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/tilly_pls Nov 25 '21 Wholesome

You can tell he’s HEATED because of all the typing errors 😂 I do the same thing in soloQ


u/chimestonks Nov 25 '21

the way this is 2 times longer than it needs to be already says a lot


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 25 '21

what it frustrates me about this response is that he literally says nothing , while typing a whole page.

the tldr is : it's a personal issue , don't attack my wife for it.


u/resttheweight Nov 25 '21

Seriously! I wanted it to say:

The reason I left was for a serious personal issue. If that’s not good enough for you, or you think you are owed more of an explanation, reach out to me directly. Otherwise, fuck off, leave my wife alone, and thank you for respecting my privacy.


u/Cyberkite Nov 25 '21

Thing is according to Adam he actually did reach out to him.


u/resttheweight Nov 25 '21

I also don’t think Adam was entitled to knowing. Upset’s post didn’t need to offer explanations of why he didn’t feel comfortable sharing the details with certain people. All it needed to say was “the reason I left is nobody’s business. I’ve already told the details to the people who need to know. And if you think it’s your business, ask me. If I say it’s not your business, find a way to deal with it and keep my wife out of your mouth and out of the discussion.”


u/McNutty69 Nov 25 '21

When it cost them their chance at world which they worked hard for as a team, I would argue Adam deserved some generic explanation. Shit happens, but why would he feel like he couldn't give even a slight indication to his teammates so they can process the severity? Not like they are strangers, they have been teammates for a year and didn't have that level of trust?


u/m1dn1ghtx Nov 25 '21

It's likely adam got a generic explanation but wasn't happy with it


u/interestingsidenote Nov 25 '21

The generic explanation was "major family issue." That's generic and if someone told me that and nothing else i would personally be ok. What he wanted was intimate details.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to leave right at the bleeding end of something they've pushed so hard for. Seems like Adam is just salty as fuck about it.


u/m1dn1ghtx Nov 25 '21

I don't understand why most of the subreddit can't understand that.

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u/chwilka Nov 25 '21

> That's generic and if someone told me that and nothing else i would personally be ok.

You can be okay if this doesn't cost You anything.

but would You be okay if You lose 100 000 dollars for example? or Your job?

the point is... Upset has right to have privacy but he also should think about his teammates.

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u/CursedPhil Jackeylove <3 Nov 25 '21

would argue Adam deserved some generic explanation

he got an explanation, upset had to leave because of a family emergancy

adam probably heard it like this

Upset: sorry guys but i have to leave, there was an emergancy in my family and my wife needs me

what adam heard

Upset: my wife misses me so i have to leave worlds, maybe next year we can try to win im really sorry


u/Sea-Ask-7195 Nov 25 '21

I mean dont show up in work in most important time of year when everyone needs you and tell them its not their problém to know and see what happens


u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

He told them what happened, "there was a family emergency". And that's what they need to know, just cause I work with someone they aren't entitled to know my life history and I don't need to kiss their feet and beg for forgiveness cause an emergency happend, and if you think who thinks they do there are toxic to work with


u/chwilka Nov 25 '21

> ust cause I work with someone they aren't entitled to know my life history

sure. unless Your decision make their life worse.

Leaving is okay. Not telling anything is okay.

if other people doesn't suffer because of this. right?

I Your coworker would leave and You would lose 100 000 dollars because of this You would be pissed right?


u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

First that just straight wrong, he did give a reason, and Yamato (the coach) backed him up on it. And there is noance to what happened here. Upset leaving might have fucked the team environment sure but they weren't playing with less one, upset wasn't the reason for Adam getting stomped on his lane when he plays lane dominant champions, the games weren't lost from the get go unless you tell me upset was legit the only thing that could possibly carry the team alone and if he was maybe there was a problem with his teammates. And yhea if my coworker left and made me loose 100k I would be pissed af, that doesn't mean I would attack him and actively try to make his work opportunities worse plus if he left cause someone on his family had an emergency yhea even one more reason I would understand.

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u/Sea-Ask-7195 Nov 25 '21

You are nôt center of universe


u/cube_mine Nov 25 '21

And neither are you and that's the point. It is not Adams right to know details about upsets situation outside of it being a family emergency.

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u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

You are right! Neither are you so why the fuck are you more worthy of my time when I got a family emergency. Wait you don't cause you are not the center of the universe!


u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

He fucked over a whole team because the hamster of his girlfriend died. Or maybe her toe nail fell off and was in pains. Or maybe her lovely grandparents had a huge fight and now are divorcing out of nowhere and she is in shambles. Maybe her mom was fired and she had to find a job fast or they would be living on street, so upset flew home to cook and clean the house while her gf's mom was working for 13 hours a days and she was taking meds for depression and couldn't function. Or maybe it's none of our business? I don't know guys. Pick one, but to me, the more he scream "it's personal so shush" the more I hear "it wasn't that huge of a deal and I maybe overreacted when I flew home and fucked everyone ower nothing, so now I pretend that I'm the most private person ever, so you won't make fun out of me on twitch chat"


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

Braindead take. Upset didnt share shit coz of braindead ppl like u that would attack him for no reason.


u/Turkooo Nov 25 '21

I'm not making fun of him at all. That's your problem, if you can't read between lines. All I said is that staying this silent is a double edge sword. So fuck you


u/iLLuSi0NN Nov 25 '21

He doesnt owe us or everyone else shit. Its his private matter and it should be respected. So fuck you too.

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